Astrology April 15- May 3 2017 Mercury is now retrograde! Mercury turns direct May 3.  New Moon on April 26 at 8:16 a.m.

By ananur forma | Apr 18, 2017

Mercury has been retrograde since Sunday April 9 and stays retrograde until May 3 at 12:33 p.m. I noticed that when I was at a downtown shop today they were having problems with their computer being unusually slow, apologizing and wondering why in the world it was so slow? I didn't want to be obnoxious and say- it's due to Mercury retrograde, that is... until May 3rd !


April 15 Venus turns direct at 6:17 a.m. having been retrograde since March 4th. You may find that you are more open to a relationship developing now than you previously were. Meeting people, becoming more sociable fits with this energy.


April 17-20 the Sun is conjunct Mercury in Taurus known to find you more cautious and slow to make decisions. Because Mercury is retrograde, now, it is sensible to hold back on making important decisions now if you can. This would not be a favorable time to sign legal documents. In fact I'm going to wait until Sunday May 7th (4-5 p.m. to begin (again) our community "Speaker's Corner," in Rockland - corner of Park and Main Streets. I want to begin it when Mercury is direct.I want to welcome all, everyone to come and share thoughts, read something inspiring, play sing music, speak out and be heard respectfully. All this can happen so much easier when Mercury is direct! Getting new timing belt put in today. Car has 168,000 miles on it. I bought it with 100,000 miles and have never changed the timing belt. With Mercury retrograde now I don't want to take any chances because I love my Honda. and maybe it will run "forever?"


April 19 the Sun enters Taurus at 5:27 p.m. taking us into a different phase when you are more determined and cautious. You want to learn and do research  before moving ahead with plans, especially if it has to do with finances. Finding ways to invest and save, is what is foremost on your mind. You‘re concerned about the future and making it as secure as possible, and wondering if that is possible? Enjoyment comes from relaxing into appreciation for the 5 senses. Creating beauty with flowers and planting seeds to provide nourishment gives tremendous joy, knowing that you are self sufficient.


April 19-21 Venus in Pisces is in an awkward aspect to Saturn, in Sagittarius. This aspect usually brings about concerns about finances. Watch your mind carefully to see if you have an unconscious expectation going on that is setting you up for a let down. Our thoughts do create reality, sometimes instantly sometimes in a few days or weeks, have you noticed this?  Saturn wants to remind you… that you are playing an important role here with your thoughts… creating your reality… and to shift your thinking… if your thoughts are negative. Find practical solutions. Asking an elder for their advice is always a sensible idea, when Saturn is involved.


April 20 Mercury (retrograde) enters Aries at 1:37 p.m. until May 16 and is often called, “Ferrari Mind,” because your thoughts are so sped up that it’s hard to remember all the cool thoughts you’re having! You might even be speaking faster! I find it hard to follow younger people who speak so quickly! My mind cannot keep up and digest what’s been said. That’s because I was born with Mercury retrograde.


April 21 – June 4  Mars enters Gemini. This is tricky because it brings about the energies to do so many things at once. Some people are really good at handling it and others get confused and over extended and can’t follow through. Lots of interesting things going on, which makes it hard to decide which event to go to? Try not to get too scattered. It’s time for the emergence of great ideas and having fun.


April 21- 23 Mercury is in a fine aspect to Saturn and ushers in concentration and patience which are always welcomed visitors! Making plans for the year would fit in with this aspect as there is focus on orderliness. Just know it can change whenever an aspect like Mercury to Uranus comes along. Also Mercury is still retrograde until May 3 so know that plans are plans, and these plans are not, yet ready for action.


April 26 New Moon at 8:16 a.m. with the Sun and Moon at 6 degrees of Taurus walks us gently into the next cycle with the blessing of increased patience and perseverance. You’re able to work thoroughly and get better results. You will be able to resist another’s pressure to hurry up. You won’t quit once you start a project and are dedicated to seeing it through to completion. This steadfast energy (of Taurus) is with us until the next New Moon May 25 (in Gemini). Your choices for furniture or possessions are now very much about beauty and lasting value and you would rather pay more for something of great value than pay a lesser amount and have something that won’t last, very long. Your appreciation for beauty and quality craftsmanship is inspiring you.


April 26-28 Mercury is conjunct Uranus in Aries and your intuition is strong! Brilliant ideas are born. Your sense of “knowingness” deserves your attention.



April 28 – June 6 Venus is in Aries. I have observed over the years that when Venus is in Aries it can bring about sudden strong, fun, exciting, romantic attractions… but they may not last long, unless there are significant planetary connections between two people’s chart.



April 29 – May 3 the Sun in Taurus is in a positive aspect to Neptune in Pisces opening you up to recognizing your psychic sensitivities. Also a good time to see an energy healer.  And…it’s good for allowing creative expression to come to mind and allow it to flow as it will. Music is having a special affect on you now.



May 3 Mercury turns direct at 12:33 p.m. having been retrograde since April 9 at 7:15 p.m. Time to put plans into action which have been researched and well thought out while Mercury was retrograding.

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Posted by: Mary A McKeever | Apr 23, 2017 16:22

Thanks Carol, Makes me think!

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