Astrologically Speaking with Ananur about January 22 - 25  2021

Jan 22, 2021
Photo by: Georgianne Davis

January 20 – 23  Are you studying reading researching and learning? The Sun and Saturn close together in Aquarius are nudging all of us to learn something that can be applied in a practical way. The Sun is conjunct Saturn in Aquarius, which finds you thinking seriously and hopefully not putting yourself in a depressive state…. with your thoughts. I’ve learned how important it is to observe my thoughts and say “delete” to the negative judgmental ones that swim by. This would be a good time to read or watch a biographical study of someone with integrity. Allow yourself to be inspired.


January 20 – 23 Mars is in a challenging aspect with Jupiter blasting you with so much energy that you will no doubt take on more than you can deal with. I know for myself that I can only do so much then I become nervous. I don’t like being nervous it’s a very uncomfortable state to be in. Try to avoid making promises you can’t keep. Tim Hardin’s famous song from the mid-60s comes to mind right now:

January 20 – 23 Venus in Capricorn is in a fine aspect with Neptune in Pisces, expanding your love of classical music, romantic poetry, and impressionistic art. This aspect advances your appreciation for gentleness. Be kind to yourself with positive thoughts replacing any worrisome nervousness creating thoughts that happen to come swimming by. Our minds are like a river. There are thoughts constantly being presented for us to choose from regarding which ones we allow... to persist. This is a good reason to listen to uplifting music that over shadows negative thinking. It is said by all the mystics, saints and prophets that deep down within us all is the Divine Spark ready to increase in Light and Love! Isn’t this what Christ Jesus (Yeshua) taught? I know He said that we can do greater things than He has done. That’s an amazing statement.

January 24 & 25 The Sun is nicely aspecting Chiron indicating that the potential for having a mystical experience exists right now. This could happen while painting, drawing, writing, or doing your music. Anything you do that leaves you empty of, “ what to do now?” When allowing Higher Guidance to direct us, amazing things do happen! Now that “magic mushrooms” are being promoted as a way to heal neurosis, truly the world of thought is shifting, big time.

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