Astrological Logic is rational, says Ananur. The Full Moon coming April 26 is a power packed one.

Apr 23, 2021

April 22 – 25 Mercury and Venus in Taurus are in a challenging aspect with Saturn in Aquarius. Try not to allow worrisome thoughts much front stage attention. Not more than a half an hour. As John Lennon said, ”There are no problems.... only solutions.” How long does it take for us to really understand this statement? It's hard to grasp when you're in it, this I know. There are many disappointments taking place to be pondered and resolved. Don't hesitate to ask a wise elder for suggestions. They always seem to have the answers. Don't get stuck in thinking, "this is not supposed to be this way." That thought form does get in the way of solutions finding their way into your mind and heart. Drop thinking you know best. We all do this. I had 2 of these set in stone opinions this week. I really needed to look at these opinions directly to release them from thinking that these beliefs defined me. Ha! Boy, was I mistaken. Feeling much better now, thank you.


April 23 – June 11  Mars now... is in Cancer which has you feeling protective of elder family members. Your motivation is to make sure that their needs are being met properly with respect. You are not satisfied with just “adequate care,” for your family member.


**April 26 The Full Moon takes place 11:32 p.m. with the Moon at 7 degrees of Scorpio opposite the Sun at 7 degrees of Taurus. This is a powerful Full Moon with high energies showered down upon us. It will be challenging if you are reacting from your ego's belief system. If you are asking (praying)  to be "as a reed flute hollowed out"  of ego personality wants/needs, then the Divine can move through you... for the “highest good of all." There will be obstacles at this time. That's because of the awkward mathematical relationship of the Full Moon to Saturn in Aquarius. Stay strong by living true to your principles and highest goals for all of humanity. By doing good things for others your heart center stays wide open bringing you joy. Funny how it works that way. The more YOU give the happier YOU are! Trust your psychic senses. Allow yourself to be open to knowing that which you didn't think you knew, if that makes sense? You're probably feeling somewhat vulnerable and open emotionally to feeling more, and more. You're feeling other's feelings, on top of your own!!!! You might be crying.... and not even know why.


April 26 – 30 The Sun is conjunct Uranus in Taurus reminding you that you can expect the unexpected when Uranus is involved. Your intuition is super strong. Your plans will swiftly change during this phase. Know that’s how it is, for now.

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