Astrological logic for beginning days of March. Mercury and Jupiter in Aquarius ushers in brilliant ideas and increased intuitive intelligence.

Mar 01, 2021

March 1 – 4 Mercury is conjunct Jupiter in Aquarius. This aspect offers you incredible clarity and insight. Speeches will be made that are honest and uplifting for humanity. On March 1, East Coast time from 1:30 until 6:20 p.m. there will be a Grand Trine in air signs that include Mercury and Jupiter in Aquarius, the North Node in Gemini, and the Moon in Libra all within 14 -16 degrees of the air signs Gemini, Libra, and Aquarius. Wow. Intuition is clear. Voices are heard that are guided from a much vaster knowingness than the everyday mind is capable of. I know there is plenty being said about March 4th being an auspicious date. I do not see anything unusual about that particular date. Jot down notes on the ideas that come to you today they are worthwhile to further develop for the future. Wisdom is poured forth by "the Waterbearer," This is the symbol for Aquarius as you know. It is not a water sign. Aquarius is an air sign like Libra & Gemini. Air signs get intuitive flashes. Water signs get gut feelings and may tingle all over. Water signs as you may know are Cancer, Scorpio and Pisces. Aquarian people may get visions during the day, and water sign people often get prophetic knowledge in their dreams which they tell me are in technicolor and lengthily.

March 3 is when Mars enters Gemini, until April 23. Anyone born with Mars in Gemini is  truly talented as a multitasker. This placement of Mars would be ideal for a chef in a busy restaurant and also would be good at writing short stories and cartoons because of the Gemini cleverness and humor. Those of us not born with Mars in Gemini... need to remember during this phase to keep organized and not to overextend. Being overly extended can lead to agitation and resentment, which would lower your immune system's defenses. Avoid promising more than you can commit to. Conversations will be lively with opinions that clash. Perhaps you will learn something from clashing opinions.


March 7 – 13 The Sun and Venus are conjunct Neptune in Pisces. This combination is ushering in very high spiritual energies and romantic energy too! Angelic Beings of great Light have been notified that we want (need!!!) their assistance. They are responding. YES!!! This is an amazing time for a retreat in silence that utilizes color and sound therapies. This is not the time for Chuck Berry. Paul Winter communicating with wolves or Paul Horn inside the pyramids would bring solace and joy. Being in nature away from ticks, who did not die too warm, will bring inspiration and union with Oneness. One with ticks? Maybe for you not for me. Some say they were made by humans in a lab in Plum Island N.Y. there's a book about it, a friend read, who said the book is totally researched and documented... scary thought... really. I won't be reading it too depressing a thought for me. I just know that pretty much anything is possible.


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