Astrological logic: 6 planets in Aquarius now reminds me that Feb. 2, 1962 was the same thing...which one of you was born then?

Feb 11, 2021

Yes, it is extraordinary to have so many planets all together in the same sign, and this one is Aquarius. It's not really officially the Aquarian Age we've got many years to go for that to be official. However this gives us an idea of the energies of living in an ideal Aquarian Age world. By that I mean a world that is visionary, concerned about the future, caring about humanity and all living beings, and... notices changes that we need to pay attention to. This is the year for speaking up and sharing your brilliant ideas with our legislators. This is not the time for keeping them a secret to yourself. No point in saying ...well they should've done this or that, if you never offered your suggestions! Group energies are powerful, "United we stand divided we fall,"  as the saying goes. So many planets in Aquarius can make a person weird or eccentric and not fit at all in with society. I've met many like that while living in an intentional spiritual community out west for a few years. These folks know if they were out and about in society they might be labeled as being "a weirdo," so they play it safe and live in community with others of like mind and heart. They may have a different perspective on life and why we're living on this planet. Those who are quietly living in society might not tell you their inner most thoughts because of just that... being called a silly name like "weirdo." Just because they don't fit with the majority of viewpoints, they get labeled? Labels are often hurtful. Not healthy. Now a days with so many planets in Aquarius we are making space for those who never thought they could be accepted or honored for being true to themselves. In fact there are even new laws to honor and protect individualists. I say, GREAT... it's about time. Today is a New Moon February 11 with 6 planets in Aquarius...  The theme is to honor each other's uniqueness and have it be ok. Don't they call America the melting pot? By the way who is "they?"


Those born in the beginning of February 1962 had at birth 6 planets in Aquarius. I wonder what they are like... and what they are doing?

What do these extraordinary individuals have to teach us? I sure would love to get some feedback.   thx.

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