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Sep 30, 2020

Here are some dates to consider without jumping ahead too far. October will not be an easy month and I'm sure you're thinking.... "duh." The position of the planets confirms this. October was challenging to write as it brings with it so much emotional baggage to deal with.


October 1 the Full Moon is taking place at 5:05 p.m. EAST Coast time zone, with the Moon at 9 degrees of Aries conjunct Chiron, and both are opposite the Sun at 9 degrees of Libra. The Moon and Sun must be 180 degrees opposite one another in order for it to be a Full Moon. Also we've got to deal with the fact that the Sun is in "an awkward aspect" with Uranus at 9 degrees of Taurus. Astrology if you did not know it, is based on mathematics. This aspect can be problematic for those who have a heart condition. This aspect has been with us since Wednesday, September 30, my birthday! Expect to be surprised by the unexpected. Situations take place which throw unstable individuals off balance. We ought to be aware and look out for those we know who tend to be "emotionally fragile." So much depends right now on words and how people use them in relating. I did not see the debate last night (don't own a TV) and have not read about it yet. Words used to bully another, does not attract this Libra lady! Certain statements will suddenly (Uranus’ action) set off emotional waves of anger and discontent. This will add to the discontent already taking place and bring about unsettled energy to deal with. Wondering how everyone who watched the debate is doing today?



October 1 – 27 Venus now in Virgo strives for efficiency and a perfect system of orderliness. Perhaps a new app will come out during this time. (I’m not sure how this works because I do not own a cell phone or iPad, microwave oven, cable TV, nor do I have a smart meter on my home). Venus finds beauty in Nature by preserving flowers, herbs, berries and veggies, or buying from those who do. At this point in time that is very smart. Thank goodness trucks are delivering as has been predicted that could stop at some point. I sure hope not! I appreciate the farmer's markets. The harvest is symbolic of gathering all the studies that you have accumulated while staying at home. The virus has gifted you with time to spend diving deeply into learning that which has captured your attention. This would include writing lyrics and practicing music without that feeling of needing to rush to get somewhere. You are there! It's always "now."

October 3 Mercury is in a challenging aspect with Chiron, which finds you feeling misinterpreted. People see out of their own filters, and no matter how clear and concise you might be, things get misinterpreted. There’s something to be learned. I don’t know what that is for you, as it is unique for each of us. I'm dealing with this exact issue right now. No fun.

October 4 Pluto is direct, having been retrograde since April 25, 2020. Karmic payback time is here. Being corrupt, having values and principles outside of the law, and acting as if all of that doesn’t matter won’t work anymore. Why are we paying taxes when the person in top dog position isn't or rather hasn't ? Is he supposed to be a role model? If you disagree, please help me understand your perspective.  My father told me in his last yrs. of life to "always be curious about those who think differently from you." Good advice even if it's uncomfortable. We all need to be respectful of one another.


October 5 – 7 Mercury in Scorpio is opposite Uranus in Taurus pitting opposing opinions against one another. Suspicious minds are raging. No one is really listening. Why not? Intuition can come in a flash of genius if you're paying attention. Just don’t make an attempt to convince anyone to see things your way. Listen respectfully, because if you don't it probably won’t work out well. Best to "preach to the choir," if you REALLY want to be heard.

October 6 – 9 & December 16 - 23 Mars in Aries is in a very challenging aspect with Pluto in Capricorn. This is a difficult aspect and displays of dominating behaviors seem to win the day. Those in fearful, violent relationships will be in danger. This would be the time to have already escaped into a secret safe home. This aspect will take place again because Mars is retrograde now.

October 7 – 8 Venus in Virgo is in an awkward aspect with Chiron in Aries. Stormy relationships bring about huge life lessons which are uncomfortable. Ask for help and you’ll get it. Now is not the time for idealistic, hopeful wishing that life was different. It’s time to take action and be self-protective and extremely protective of children.

October 8 – 10 Venus is in a fine aspect with Uranus suggesting that you are ready to meet new people who think out of the box and engage you in stimulating conversations. You’re more open now to listening.

October 8 – 11 The Sun is awkwardly aspecting both Jupiter in Capricorn and Neptune in Pisces bringing about spiritual blessings in disguise as something else. Breakthroughs come about if you wisely penetrate the illusion. Meditation, contemplation, and journal writing can come about after disappointing thoughts do their dance with you. This process will take you to a vaster picture of what is taking place right now. We all must bust through the negative appearances that are seemingly real in order to see the potential which exists.

October 10 – 18 Jupiter is in a blessed aspect with Neptune.

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