astrological forecast- what's up? Full Moon in June will be June 13 at 12:12 a.m. east coast time zone.

By ananur forma | May 26, 2014
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Mercury will be turning retrograde on June 7 and then turn direct on July 1. The Full Moon this month will be on June 13 at 12:12 a.m. The New Moon will take place 2 weeks later on June 27 at 4:09 a.m.

June 2-4 Venus will be in a fine aspect with Neptune increasing your romantic imagination and idealistic hopes and dreams. This is a super time for creativity to flow.

June 2-3 the Sun will be in a challenging aspect with Pluto which is known to bring up difficult issues to be dealt with. Someone’s action may trigger your belief system and find you stuck in thinking that things must be a certain way. Try to remain open to being responsible for the thoughts you entertain and how that has an affect on you that might cause you to react in a way that may regret. It’s time to change or examine (closely) your thoughts which are judgmental and create agitation for you.

June 3-6 your creativity is soaring if you are paying attention to your intuition. Be innovative and step out of the box which has held you back in the past. The Sun is in a positive aspect to Uranus.

June 5-6 (until noon) Mercury is in an awkward aspect to Saturn. You’re apt to find yourself worrying unless you are vigilant with your thoughts and reframe them.

June 6-7 Venus and Mars are in an awkward aspect indicating the need to find balance between receptivity and assertiveness. Your needs may collide with your partner’s needs/wants which might require a compromise?

June 6-8 Venus is in a favorable aspect to Pluto which enables you to love more deeply. Compassion and kindness is expressed joyfully. Falling madly in love is likely. Creative expression is at an all time high.

June 7 at 8 a.m. Mercury will be turning retrograde until July 7 at 8:51 a.m. remember that this phase is not good for signing legal documents or buying a vehicle. Delays are likely to take place, so strive for patience. When Mercury is retrograde it favors inner work such as journaling your ideas, insights, dreams and feelings.

June 8 will find you frustrated while the Sun is in a nasty angle with Saturn which only increases the affects of Mercury retrograde even more. If you know this is going on because you’re reading it here it may help you to relax with events that take place. If you’re writing a song this aspect will help you to go over and over it until you feel satisfied with the results.

June 8-15 Jupiter is now in an awkward aspect with Neptune. Oh Boy, this aspect will bring about major misunderstandings and assumptions. Don’t pay attention to gossip or get involved in it in anyway. The news media will get all messed up and will have to offer apologies.

June 9 Mercury is in an awkward aspect to Saturn. This is the exact same aspect that was taking place June 5-6.

June 9 Neptune turns retrograde at 7 degrees of Pisces. This is personally meaningful to all those who were born between February 23-27 of any year. These individuals will find that they are more confused and forgetful if relying on their mind for answers. Neptune is teaching all of us (and these individuals in particular) to learn to trust your inner connection with the Divine via meditation, dream life and contemplation. Those who experience forgetfulness at this time will find that the mind will clear out cobwebs and become clear once again after November 16, 2014 when Neptune will turn direct again. It might be confusing to discriminate between imagination and real Divine Guidance, however, as you know, by practicing, we learn. Painting or drawing your dreams will help bring about further clarity. You are apt to be more impressionable at this time and believe what you hear especially if it’s something you want to hear. There could be news about a cult leader directing his/her followers inappropriately.

June 10-11 (at 4 p.m.) Venus is nicely aspecting Uranus which is known to bring about a sudden out of the blue romantic attraction. It’s time to redefine the “rules” for relationship. Both individuals want to retain their individuality and spontaneity yet enjoy the electrical charge of the attraction between them. Just don’t get too attached to the experience because as we know, everything in this world changes.

June 10-12 Venus in Taurus is in an opposition aspect to Saturn in Scorpio. Disappointments re- surface in regard to financial dealings. Those you thought you could trust may not be trustworthy after all. Step back and observe.

June 13 the Full Moon will be taking place at 12:12 a.m. with the Moon in Sagittarius and the Sun in Gemini. This is the time for learning, teaching, and sharing pertinent information. You will get ideas from dreams that if manifest will open pathways you hadn’t been aware existed for you.

June 12-14 Mars is in a challenging aspect to Pluto which could be said to be volatile and combative. Try not to be reactive and defensive. Observe what sets you off and take responsibility for your thoughts and actions. Anger is quick to ignite with this aspect even if you’ve read this and feel forewarned!

June 13 the Sun and Jupiter are in a positive aspect today which is fine for financial investing and spending. This is a playful day topped off with clarity and a cosmic philosophical approach.

June 16-18 (at noon) Venus is in a favorable aspect to Jupiter. Known as a fun time and is ideal for family reunions, parties, fundraisers, and weddings (if it fits with your chart). It’s almost impossible to avoid being somewhat indulgent in sweets and alcohol today.

June 17 Mercury enters into Gemini at 6:05 a.m. and remains in this quick witted air sign until July 12th.

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