Are you complacent?

By Jan Dolcater | Apr 12, 2014

Today we tend to be so self-absorbed in our personal lives that we are not paying attention to what the politicians are doing and we are being molded by their political gains. Please read the following questions and related comments and try to give a thoughtful response to each.

1) Does it make any difference to you that our national debt exceeds the huge total of $17 trillion and is increasing by more than $2.7 billion each day? Do you think this will affect your way of life?

2) Are you aware that the largest portion of our foreign debt is owed to Communist China? Do you believe that this is in our best interest and that China is our friend?

3) Are you interested in the fact that Vladimir Putin of Russia is committing aggression in the Ukraine in a manner similar to what Adolf Hitler did prior to World War II? Do you believe that Putin respects President Obama? If not, why? Is Russia our friend?

4) Do you feel comfortable President Obama wants to reduce our military to a smaller force than we had prior to World War II? Do you feel this will encourage Putin to act more aggressively? How do China and Iran fit into this situation?

5) Do you think our current policies with Iran have stopped their nuclear arms development? Do you consider Iran trustworthy?

6) Are you concerned with the unprecedented spending promoted by the Democrat party, when 40 percent of all our spending is borrowed money? Where do they propose spending this “free money," since they want to cut our military preparedness? Could it be on welfare programs that trap people in poverty?

7) Do you believe that President Obama is doing all that is possible to increase the development and production capabilities of our energy resources, especially those which could make our country energy independent by 2020?

8) Do you feel our state and our country as a whole are becoming more and more dependent on our government to support us? Do you think this is what made our country great and prosperous? Are you comfortable with this approach?

9) Do you understand the number of households on food stamps has grown from 15,232,115 in 2008 to 23,052,380 in 2013, an increase of 52 percent under Obama? Bear in mind there are 115,013,020 households in the country and this means that almost 1 in every 5 households is on food stamps. Do you think this was accomplished with “free money”?

10) Do you have an “Obama phone” with free minutes? Do you think that you or others should have one?

11) Does it make you feel secure that the number of people on welfare in Maine has grown from 226,000 in 2003 to 402,000 in 2010 and accounts for 30.56 percent of our population, while the poverty rate has remained almost constant?

12) Are you afraid of credit card debt or do you just pay the minimum amount and keep on charging? Do you think that is wise? Do you plan to change your spending habits?

13) How comfortable are you about having enough money for retirement? Do you have an IRA? Have you thought seriously about this lately?

14) Do you feel that your job is secure? How secure do you think it will be in five years or perhaps 10 years? Will a weak economy make your job more or less secure?

15) If you have children, what do you think the future holds for them? Will it be better or worse without major changes in the way our government taxes and spends?

16) Are you happy with the economy or do you think it has become stagnant? Are you doing anything about it?

17) Do you think prices on many things are going up, but your income has not? Why do you think this is?

18) Does the Affordable Care Act fit your medical needs and those of your family? Have your deductibles increased? Has your cost of insurance increased?

19) Are you going to be able to keep your doctor and the hospital that is convenient and necessary for you?

20) Do you believe that you are paying enough in taxes, whether it be property taxes, sales taxes, or income taxes, to both the state and federal governments? Are you getting your money’s worth in return?

I fully understand that many citizens are busy and are occupied with a number of matters that require attention. However, the possibility exists that all of the above is unimportant to you; it is more important to relax while you watch a sports program or a reality TV show. If on the other hand, you believe it is time to get off the couch and get involved, do not just talk about it, do something about it. If you do not, are definitely complacent and may be part of the problem rather than part of the solution.

Where do you fit? Do you care? The only thing you have to lose by doing nothing is your freedom.

If the above has sparked an awakening within you, I encourage you to become both enthusiastic and passionate in your commitment to make a difference for yourself, your family, and even more importantly for your country.

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Posted by: Susan P Reitman | Apr 14, 2014 13:05

Ms. Overlock I hope everyone reads your article.  I PRAY that everyone who votes in the 2014 and 2016 election do their homework and find out everything their is to find out about the person they want to vote for before they mark their ballot. I PRAY that the Republicans can take the Senate in 2014 because OBAMA needs to be IMPEACHED.  This country CANNOT allow him to stay in office until 2016 because he is a dangerous man that is out to destroy this country.  Articles of IMPEACHMENT have already been filed against OBAMA in August of 2013 by THE NATIONAL BLACK REPUBLICAN ASSOCIATION but until the Republicans can take control of the Senate and hold onto the House we are stuck with OBAMA.  Unless we can stop the carnage now I am afraid America will be lost.   OBAMA is instilling in people's minds that it is not necessary to work because the government will take care of you.  This belief is the way for government to take control of every aspect of your life and when people lose control of their own destiny government takes control like HITLER did.  It is up to the American to take control of their own lives or do they want the Federal Government dictating their every move.

Posted by: Sandra Overlock | Apr 14, 2014 11:12

I hope everyone reads this.  Scary but true.  My thoughts, "Where do we begin?"

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