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By Jessica Davis | Jun 05, 2014

Town Office News

The 2013-2014 Appleton Town Report is available for pick at the Appleton Town Office, Appleton Village School, Burkettville General Store, and Mildred Stevens Williams Memorial Library. Please call the Appleton Town Office at 785-4722 for more information.

Town voting day will be on June 10 from 8 a.m. to 8 p.m. We will be voting on the school budget and the town municipal budget. Please come out and vote!

AVS News

Seniors to lunch for this month will be on June 9 at 11:30 a.m. For more information call the school at 785-4504.

The SLIP (Stories of the Land and Its People) exhibit opening at the Farnsworth this past weekend showcased the hard work and beautiful artwork and photography of our fourth- and seventh-graders. There was a presentation at the Strand Theater which recognized the many key participants in the program as well as highlighting the important aspects this project contributes to our students’ understanding and education. In addition to Appleton students, work from Hope, Lincolnville, Isleboro, and Rockland students is on display as well. It is a great example of the collaborative work that the Farnsworth has facilitated to integrate art into classroom subjects. The different approach taken along with the unique perspectives of students made for a great exhibit. The exhibit is primarily located in Julia’s Gallery but there are also several photographs/art pieces at the Craig Gallery in the Farnsworth. The exhibit will be up for the summer, so if you get a chance it is definitely worthwhile to check out.

There are lots of fun and educational field trips planned for the kids in the final weeks of school. There will be trips to Augusta to the State Museum and Fort Western, Isleboro, Pemaquid Beach and Lighthouse, Hope Elephants, Portland, and I am sure more that I am forgetting. What a great opportunity for the kids to go on trips like these! This past week the eighth-graders went on their trip on the Mary Day schooner. They sailed around the coast of Maine for a few days! What a great thing for the eighth-graders to do! They may never have a chance to do something like that again.

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