Appleton man wins History's 'Alone'

By Staff | Feb 09, 2017
Courtesy of: History Channel Zachary Fowler

Appleton — Zachary Fowler, a boatbuilder from Appleton, survived 87 days in Patagonia, outlasting any other competitor and has won Season 3 of History Channel's "Alone."

The season's final episode aired Feb. 9.

Fowler, as he was referred to on the show, grew up in Vermont and came to Maine to pursue an interest in boatbuilding. Having learned the craft at shipyards in the Midcoast, Fowler put down roots in the area when he was 21, purchasing a 2.5 acre parcel of wooded land in Appleton, where he and his family now live. Fowler, his wife Jami and their two daughters live off the grid in a yurt which he built, and practice a sustainable lifestyle.

Having been selected to compete on “Alone,” Fowler and nine other contestants found themselves in the rugged terrain of the Patagonia region of South America. Although the show was filmed over the summer, this coincided with the winter season in Patagonia.

“I was really psyched to find out that it was going to be in Patagonia. Being a New Englander, I've always loved the winter, and was very excited about being in that environment," Fowler said in a November episode. "I hate hot weather, even the summer in Maine can get too hot for me, so I couldn't have handled it being in the jungle.”

For winning the show, he receives $500,000.

We will bring you an updated interview with Fowler soon.

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Posted by: Everett Walter Dorr | Feb 10, 2017 10:05

Way to go Fowler! I live in Appleton and when I heard you were competing I had to watch. I watched every show

and loved the awesome Shelter , the duck hunting boat, and all the other unique projects you created to stay busy.

I am a wood carver by trade and loved the story pole you carved! I hope some of these pieces of Art will be on display

some where to view. Great job! Chuck Dorr

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