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By Anthony Lee | Jan 22, 2014

To get away from the optical jargon, I wanted to share some ideas from a book I am reading about spiritual wellness.  While this is a Christian book, I think the Zen crowd would relate to what it has to offer.  Essentially, the human experience can be thought of as past, present and future.  Yesterday is in the books, can't really change it, and while tomorrow holds hope, it really isn't promised to anyone of us.  Which means what we have is today.  The book goes on to talk about how there are competing "spirits" that want to control your day as it relates to the events that happen to you.  Could also relate this to attitude.  So the bad spirits will take your experiences to give you hate, anger, jealousy, bitterness, etc.  This may relate to feeling inadequate, not good enough, worry, anxiety. The good spirits are ones that help you come to love, forgiveness, understanding, etc, which lead to peace, forgiveness, contentment, and giving (bringing Dr. Lee chocolate chip cookies =) ).   As these spirits take hold, they take shape over a person's lifetime and can even be passed down through generations of families as they become instinctive, learned reactions.

So your homework for the day is to try a little experiment.  If you are having a bad day, try  to picture something good.  For instance, say you are upset about your car breaking down and the inevitable big bill which could hand you over to anxiety or bitterness, maybe you would hug your kids and be thankful they are in your life and/or that they are healthy. This way your today will be given to good thoughts and feelings, and not consumed by bad feelings.  It also helps give you perspective that even though your situation may seem tough, there is probably someone somewhere going through something that is worse.  Hopefully, you do this daily, and the sum of your todays will add up to a lifetime of goodness.


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