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By Anthony Lee | May 19, 2014

Happy Monday to all!  Looks like we are stuck in a little rainy pattern for a few days. Will be fun trying to get in all those baseball and softball games along with end of the year school stuff.

Just wanted to let folks know about a couple products.  There is a new contact lens coming out the first week or two of June.  I can't tell you anything about it yet because the company has not officially launched it.  However, it is a brand new product that offers something cosmetic (hint) and I want to fit it!  I watched a presentation on the lens last week and it has a new age twist to it.

Also, there is a newer product out for patients with dry eye.  Some of you may have heard about punctal plugs that are used to block your tear drainage duct so you retain your tears (kind of like plugging the bath tub).  The problem with the old products is they were permanent and did cause some issues with a few patients.  This newer product dissolves over a three to four month period, so while we do need to replace them, if a patient feels they are no longer helping, the product simply disappears.

Lastly, then I'll stop, this is a good time of year to remind everyone who weed wacks to wear safety glasses.  Debris comes off the line so fast that it can actually perforate an eyeball (go through it).  These are the types of injuries that make you famous at grand round case presentations.  Otherwise, not recommended.

Have a good week everyone!!!!  We are adding a third day in June and still have nights and weekends.  These are booked out because of the popularity, so give us a buzz.

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