Anthony Lee & Associates Eyecare Tommy Bahama!

By Anthony Lee | Jul 21, 2014

We have some wonderful Tommy Bahama frames in stock that are perfect for people who live and work in the mid coast.  They are titanium and stainless steel manufactured to hold up to the salt air.  This also makes them hypoallergenic for folks with metal allergies.  The sunglasses they offer are also unique because they are nautically minded for performance.

Childrens package:  I am getting more and more data about the harmfulness of blue light that is coming off digital media.  There are now places in other countries that are banning the use of some of these devices in elementary schools.  Unfortunately, our children will be the "pilot study" for this, because they will be the first full generation exposed their entire life time.  We have teamed up with a lens supplier to offer a childrens package, where you will only pay for the blue blocking coating while getting the lenses for free!  The bonus is, these lenses are also digitally finished and not stock standard finished which is what you see being advertised at really low prices.  This package with special pricing has no end date because it is a patient initiative product, meaning it is being based more on consumer health than product marketing.


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