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By Anthony Lee | Jul 07, 2014

Since this is summer, we field a lot of questions about swimming with your contact lenses.  Most people know that their eye doctor will say no, but figure it is due to the fact the combination of water and contacts will be an irritant.  The truth is, there lives a nasty parasite call Acanthamoeba that inhabits any water source; be it the lake, stream, ocean, pool that you swim in, or even tap water.  While you can get an infection from it even without contacts, lens wearers are more prone because the contact traps them, allowing the parasite to colonize.  Most contact lens solutions do not kill this organism, it is simple not allowed to multiply.  Acanthamoeba infections have no specific treatment making them difficult to cure and your immune system mounts a huge inflammatory response creating permanent scarring of the cornea.

So the next time you venture out swimming with your contacts, please just give this a little thought.


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