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By Anthony Lee | May 05, 2014

Most of us as children learned from one of our teachers the acronym ROY G BIV.  This stands for Red, Orange, Yellow, Green, Blue, Indigo and Violet.  These are the primary colors in the light spectrum that make up all the colors we see with the human eye.  Each color has its own unique wavelength, kind of like a radio wave, and when it hits a rain drop, the different wavelengths travel at different speeds and are separated so we can see them. This is also know as a prismatic effect.   Each rainbow  we see has the colors in the exact same order each time.

For Christians, the rainbow was God's covenant to Noah after the rains that brought the flooding and relate to the rainbow has having seven colors, which is a number used over and over in the Bible.  For others it represents the chance to find a little man dressed in green guarding his pot of gold!  Either way, a rainbow is something that never gets old to look at for many of us.


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