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By Anthony Lee | Apr 30, 2014

This is the time of year I get to tell my dad that I am going hunting with a turkey for a turkey.  Actually, it made me think that turkeys actually have really keen vision, and people who hunt them know this.  That's why you see them all "camo'd up".  Even your face should be covered or hidden as turkeys will pick up on this from many yards away.

Turkey season also reminds me to mention to folks that I do work with people that shoot, whether you are new or want to perform better.  I had mentioned in an earlier post, that part of orthoptics deals with functional vision in terms of eye dominance, line of sight, contrast, etc.   I was also blessed to grow up in a family where shooting and hunting were an everyday part of life with some of it bringing in income, combined with a strong familial military background.

Women especially can be intimidated with questions related to shooting and vision.  I would like to add that not only do I have a wife and daughters that shoot, but both of my grandmothers hunted and owned firearms and I grew up around their influence, as well.  Women, being smaller framed, have to take in special considerations in terms of wrist strength, arm length etc.  This influences how you will sight with your eyes.  Expert marksmen will time their shooting with their heart beat as it "wiggles" their line of sight, so expecting a lot of recoil will make you squint or maybe even close your eyes.

Through the years I have had folks bring their particular firearms and archery bows into my exam room so we could really narrow down their specific visual needs relating to plain old target shooting to being able to qualify on a range.  I also have some sighting exercises I can teach you that will help lock you in quicker and make you more instinctive with your sighting and I will even show you how to make your own Easy-See Target.


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