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By Anthony Lee | Jun 09, 2014

Last week my wife and I had a discussion about this topic and interestingly, it came up with some facebook friends.  I had never heard the term before and I feel more people should be aware of it.

The term refers to students that may otherwise test as gifted (having exceptional skills at learning) but may be held back by a learning disorder.  These children may go unnoticed as gifted because the learning disorder may keep them from excelling. The term twice gifted or twice exceptional means they are one gifted, and secondly, overcoming a learning disorder in the process.

There are many learning disorders that children may face, but vision is one of them.  Imagine a student that may be getting by with what is required, but perhaps a vision disorder is keeping them from performing at their highest.  Even with school and medical screenings this does happen.  It also happens that special testing is done first, and we later find that the student was not able to see well enough for the special testing to be valid.  That is a lot of wasted time and energy on everyone's part.


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