Anthony Lee & Associates Eyecare, PA  Emmetropization, What Parents Should Know

By Anthony Lee | Apr 14, 2014

As parents, we are pretty well versed with knowledge of APGAR scoring, growth chart percentages, immunization schedules, etc.  But have you ever heard of emmetropization?

Emmetropization is the process our eyes go through to reach adult status.  Infant vision is approximately 20/200 at birth based on the simple anatomy at the time.  Through visual stimulus, neurons in the occipital cortex become enhanced and integrated, and that is how we reach 20/20 around the age of 4 or 5.  If this process is disrupted, the whole process is thrown off and the system never reaches the proper end point.  This is why significant congenital cataracts are operated on before the child may even reach a few months of age.  It is also the reason patching and glasses are done in such young children to prevent  permanent deep amblyopia.

Along with emmetropization, eye movements and up close focusing are also being developed.  It takes about 6 months for both eyes to track together, and true near focusing does not act adult like until age 2-3.

These are things an optometrist with a pediatric background will check for.


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