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By Anthony Lee | Mar 06, 2014

We have been doing a ton of bifocal contact lens fittings the past couple of weeks, including my wife!  We have the new Purevision2 multifocal which is FDA approved for 30 continuous days of wear, which patients are reporting to be super comfortable.  I have also had a couple of gas permeable bifocals fits (hard contacts) with really good vision.  These are useful in the more difficult prescriptions where soft lenses are not as successful.  I have also been pleased with a custom astigmatism contact lens I have been using.  I have used many of these with my Waterville patients in the past month with nearly 100% success.  This lens almost fits itself in cases of complicated astigmatisms.

Did you know that there are now specific no-line bifocals that are designed specifically for the type of work you do?  While most places will offer you no-line progressives, as one size fits all, you should be aware that there are specific products for specific people. 

Our vision therapy patients are increasing each week and I am also excited that we have had two of our patients scheduled for corrective laser surgery!  I am excited for both of these patients as I am in my 7th year of Lasik correction and still love the benefits!

I would love to say thank you to all the patients we have seen.  Our new practice is off to a strong start and as we grow we hope to stay modern and provide years of care for you and your family! 

To follow up with picking on my dad, he did call me, but he was happy to have been featured in my post!  Take care everyone, if the cold weather has you down, remember that March is motorcycle registration month and daylight savings is this weekend!


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