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By Anthony Lee | Sep 02, 2014

Hopefully everyone had a nice long weekend!  I for one got to ride in a monster truck so I can cross that off my bucket list.  This marks the first official day of school for many. I would like to wish Mrs. Lee, Hannah and Megan a wonderful first day at school.  Hannah my oldest has her mom for a teacher this year! We have anticipated this since Kindergarten.

In the Lee household the first day of school serves as a barometer for the year (like groundhog day).  So 2014 started off with the words  "Oh crap".  Not sure what that means.  Anyway, the two dogs, three bunnies and guinea pig were much more receptive to this the first day of school.  The fish doesn't say much, the snails were too much in a hurry and I haven't seen Mr. and Mrs. Frog for a week.

Office-wise we have been blessed with many wonderful patients.  I am in the process of converting another room over to contacts because of all the trial kits we have for various products we are fitting.  We are starting to see our summer vision therapy patients in for their end of the summer evaluations.  I hear some of the gains are huge!  I am excited about this because last year we opened our new location in December which got us a little late into the school year, this year we will be ready from the get-go!  Also a reminder that football and girls soccer top the list for sports related concussions.  Unfortunately, I will probably see a couple of these this fall, but at least we will be able to offer help with them in the form of vision related rehab.

Stay cool today, I am attempting to sun dry some tomatoes out of my garden.  I think I may put them on a homemade pizza.


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