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By Anthony Lee | Jul 29, 2014

Every see the huge full moon on the horizon and try to take a picture of it only to see it as tiny?  Believe it or not, this is a mind game that your brain plays with you.  The truth is the moon is pretty much the same distance from the Earth whether it is on the horizon or in the middle of the sky.  What happens is that when the moon is on the horizon, it seems closer relative to objects on the horizon like trees and other landscape objects.  This is called relative size or angular size and it is an example of our minds saying I need to make sense of what I am seeing/perceiving in terms of the objects of interest, so I am going to interpret the moon and/or the sun as being really large.  Your camera has fixed objective lenses that don't have a brain to interpret the image, so we get the real image.


I know that my last post was about the new colored contacts from CIBA, but want to also remind folks that we have fit a ton of bifocal contacts this summer, and this week alone already, I have a few happy patients that are not wearing their bifocal glasses or over the counter readers.  I also just got two big boxes of trial sets for other brands including new astigmatism products!

Also a reminder that I am always posting articles on my facebook page, that all have to do with health, but not necessarily the eyes.  Today I shared a link to a new injection treatment for diabetes.  This is still in clinical trials with mice, but it is a nice way of sharing what is happening medically and maybe start a conversation about it.









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