Anthony Lee and Associates Eyecare  Office News 9-2017

By Anthony Lee | Sep 05, 2017

We are starting to turn the corner now from summer to fall.  The last couple of weeks have been reminders that Optometrists deal with many medical conditions, while many people think of us as the doctors that help you with glasses and contacts.  Optometrists have a great deal of training in medical disorders especially concerning neurology and auto-immune disease, because of the effects they can have on your eyes.  Sometimes, we are the first to see a patient with particular signs and symptoms that need further workup and sometimes we are part of the patient's care team further on in the disease process.  We can prescribe medications, order testing, make suggestions to the primary care doctor or specialist etc.  Many times we refer patients immediately to the emergency room, many times the emergency room refers patients back to us for follow up care.  I have patients every week that are always surprised that I am curious about what medications they are taking or why they are taking them.  Some patients are surprised when I ask them how they have been feeling or "what else" has been going on, and I don't know how many patients I have been able to help when I tell them the things I am seeing and put another piece into their medical health puzzle.

Enjoy this late summer, early fall weather!


Dr. Lee



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