Anthony Lee and Associates Eyecare Office News 7/13/2017

By Anthony Lee | Jul 13, 2017

When I was in Optometry School, one of my professors taught us about how taking a good patient history would help us more than a lot of fancy equipment and expensive testing.  This week proved that, as the mother-of-my wife, sat in my chair with a peculiar foreign body sensation in her left eye that she woke up with.   My exam found a small lump-of-something under her eyelid, that was not easily identifiable.  Looking into the obvious, such as, from mowing the lawn or doing yard work, which may be things she would have to avoid in the future to prevent future injury (insert smile emoji), I starting asking her more questions and described to her what the object looked like.  That's when she made the comment "well I did eat a sugar donut at bedtime". Instantly, I realized what it was. The small granular object that looked crystal-like under the microscope was in fact a piece of sugar.  So once again, I learned that, yes, taking a good history and spending some time with the patient  and talking with them helps with their care, and Nana learned not to eat donuts in bed =).

Have a great week!!

PS, on a more serious note, it is not too late to get a great pair of prescription sunglasses. I want to remind everyone that we have many options and great, great package pricing.  We continue to use our Spectra Pro  glasses measuring system with huge success and we can do anything from basic to custom fit progressives.


Dr. Lee


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