Annual fireworks canceled

By Beth A. Birmingham | Jul 05, 2014
Photo by: Beth A. Birmingham

Thomaston — The annual 4th of July fireworks and any remaining events for Thomaston have been canceled, according to Julie Russo of the Fourth of July Committee.

Russo cited high winds as the reason for the cancellations.


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Posted by: Mary A McKeever | Jul 07, 2014 20:01

Kudos to the volunteers and all they tried to do to entertain us all on the fourth. Weather is the factor and safety is critical to all of us. But, there is always next year and thanks to Julie and Pete for all their volunteer efforts.

Mickey Mckeever

Posted by: Lawrence Butler | Jul 07, 2014 18:53

Lynn Snow -- thank you for the link. Typing in. Just Thomaston does not yield the 4th page. Now liked and primed for next year!


Posted by: Margaret McCrea | Jul 06, 2014 10:03

Folks have to accept the fact that "Nature" happens and plan accordingly.  Sorry that many were disappointed by the lack of fireworks but the experts must make the tough calls for the safety of everyone, and we should be glad they care enough to do so.

Facebook pages require extra maintenance for a staff already very busy, so unless a volunteer offers to step up to the job this probably won't happen.  Perhaps a future cancellation could be posted on the town website but if it was determined late in the day, there is no way to get out the news other than by word of mouth.

Congratulations to Julie and her hardworking group for making it come together as well as it did in spite of the weather.

Posted by: Lynn Snow | Jul 05, 2014 22:02

Lawrence Butler -


Posted by: Lawrence Butler | Jul 05, 2014 21:22

Thomaston needs a better way to communicate stuff like this. Huge stream of disappointed residents returning from Main Street puzzled as to why this gorgeous evening did not have fireworks...and no one around to convey the reason why. Can I suggest the town get a Facebook page? Still, hats off for the July 4 th festivities!  Truly terrific.

Posted by: Joanne L Richards | Jul 05, 2014 16:12

Thank you Pete.  People always assume that just because it is not raining then fireworks can go off without a hitch.  The safety of the crowd and the homes in area are critical.  Thanks to Julie and all the volunteers who work so tirelessly each year to make this a great 4th.  Thomaston has always been known as the place to be on July 4th and these volunteers make it happen.


Posted by: PETER LAMMERT | Jul 05, 2014 15:47

Julie Russo and the Thomaston Forth of July's Committee decision was guided a great deal by several things. First and foremost is the fact that the weather forecast for this evening is Westerly winds 10 to 20 miles per hour. The company that I shoot fireworks for, Central Maine Pyrotechnics, has strict guidelines for shooting fireworks in no more than 12 MPH winds There are two good reasons for this. When shells with a wide breaking pattern, a 4" chrysanthemum for example, are launched into winds over 10 MPH, there is great possibility that the winds, especially at about 300 plus feet in the air, would  collapsed the  circular effect of the shell to one side. The second , and more critical thing, is the downwind fall- out area for the still burning paper wrappers, called shell casings ,that the shell is contained in. Shooting 4" shells on Stivey Hill, otherwise known as the little league baseball field, in a 12 plus MPH wind, would have shell casings falling on the East side of Beechwood Street.

The ideal wind conditions are two to three MPH which is enough to blow the smoke from the black powder away.

Lastly, when I visited the site at 10 this morning, there was standing water in the areas where the cardboard racks are supposed to go. Water and cardboard mortar tubes and the paper wrapped shells that are loaded and fired in the tubes, do not mix at all, leading to miss fires and dud shells.

It takes about 6 hours to assemble the cardboard tubes nailed together in strings of 5 to 10 shells, and then load the 990 shells, that would be this years show, into those cardboard tubes. This is normally done before dark.

I hope this explains, in some small way, why the show for tonight was cancelled.

Regards to all. Pete Lammert

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