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Animal Control Officer: dog was euthanized 'humanely'

By Dwight Collins | Mar 07, 2014

Rockport — Police have been unable to locate the owner of a 3-year-old black Labrador retriever that was found deceased in Rockport but, according to the animal control officer, the animal did not suffer.

The dog's remains were found by a woman hiking on Mount Pleasant trails March 3.

Rockport Animal Control Officer Maynard Stanley said it is unlikely Rockport Police will pursue charges in the case because the facts don't show a crime has been committed.

“This is a tough situation, but everything is pointing to a case of a desperate dog owner not being able to afford to have the dog put down properly,” Stanley said. “Some people can’t afford the $125 to have it done by a vet and the $300 or so for cremation, so things like this happen, but no laws were broken.”

The dog weighed approximately 30 pounds, had no identification and no health issues prior to its death, Stanley said. The animal was shot somewhere else and left on Mount Pleasant, he said.

Stanley said he took the remains to several veterinary clinics and animal shelters and staff at each confirmed the dog was put down in a humane nature and it did not suffer.

“In some cases a dog owner may live in an apartment or rent a house and not own property, so they dump the remains somewhere else,” he said. “Whoever owned the dog just did not dispose of the remains properly.”

In some cases, dog owners see no other option due to unforeseen circumstances like having to move or the loss of a job. Increasing costs of surrendering a pet is also an issue that causes owners to euthanize animals rather than take them to a shelter.

“It is sad no matter how you look at it,” Stanley said.

The situation has sparked a lot emotion among dog lovers in the community, according to Stanley, and he said a local resident has come forward to cover the expenses of properly taking care of the remains.

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Posted by: pat putnam | Mar 08, 2014 08:42

How do we know it was the dog's owner who shot her? It could have been a neighbor who didn't like her barking or who knows what? I would like to see this investigated a little more.

Posted by: Ronald Murray | Mar 08, 2014 08:30

A three year old lab that weighs 30 pounds does not seem healthy. Why when we have shelters for dogs would someone not give the dog to them to try and get it a new home.

Posted by: Jill M Goodridge | Mar 08, 2014 06:40

There are no details here other than a small black lab approximately three years old was found dead from a gun shot wound. The owner is unknown, so I don't think we know what happened other than an assumption.  No matter what it is very sad. I love my black lab - couldn't imagine it.

Posted by: cathy Cleaveland | Mar 07, 2014 19:50

What upsets me is that a perfectly wonderful and healthy dog was discarded on the side of the road like trash. The dog could easily have found a great family to live its life with if given the chance for adoption had happened. Very sad and disturbing story. May you forgive your owner and rest in  peace beautiful girl!

Posted by: Peggy East | Mar 07, 2014 12:01

Such a terrible thing...poor furry kid!  Any shelter in the area would have been more than happy to take the dog and find a good home.  I agree that charges should be filed against the person/persons responsible.  Even the Penobscot Pet Pantry would have helped out if $ was the issue by providing food for the dog!

Posted by: Amanda Parten | Mar 07, 2014 11:40

I could not agree more PJ! I learned of this yesterday from a concerned woman who called me to make sure my black lab was safe at home. The fact that no one is willing to find out who the owner was, is completely disgraceful. You are right. There are many places in which this little lab could have found a home and be cared for in the proper manner. NOT WITH A BULLET HOLE in his/her head!!!!!!!!! It shames me to think that our laws here in Maine think it's O.K. to kill a beloved dog because they cost too much. Where is the justice? AND, with that being said, they did not dispose of the body in a proper manner. Rather then follow through with their killing, they allowed the dog to, apparently, "leave a trail of blood." Doesn't sound to me that any of this was humane in the least. I am outraged!!!!



Posted by: Nina Reed | Mar 07, 2014 11:34

How can this possibly be considered "humane"?  There were no underlying health issues in this animal, and had it been taken to a veterinarian, rather than being euthanized it would have been adopted out.  This is law enforcement refusing to protect our most vulnerable citizens.  I have a dog that is sick, and I can guarantee you this-I will find one way or another when it it time to afford the fee required to put her down peacefully, not shoot her like she's trash and leave her in a field.  I hope that the  person responsible is revealed to the public so that we all know what a giant bag of s@#t they are.  People make me sick.  ~Melanie Keene

Posted by: Susan Dumond | Mar 07, 2014 11:27

There is nothing humane about shooting a 3 year old lab unless he was vicious or sick.  There is always someone looking for a 3 year old especially lab.  People leave them at the shelters all the time.  We should not let it known that it is ok to do this.  This is very upsetting.


Posted by: PJ Walter | Mar 07, 2014 11:17

This is utterly ridiculous!  There are several animal shelters in the area that would've taken the dog.  Even if then dog were sick, someone would've adopted the dog so it could be taken care of.  Thisnperaon should be brought to justice.  This is inexcusable!

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