Ananur gave a talk on Astrology August 2... at the Rockland Public Library.

By ananur forma | Aug 01, 2017




The talk went well, thank you to all who came and brought their charts, and thank you to those who asked stimulating questions! I enjoyed being there and speaking with all of you. It's much more fun for everyone, when it's interactive. written 9pm August 2, 2017.


August 1 from 6:30 until 7:30 p.m. I will be speaking about the outer planets and how they influence us- by giving us choices. Either we respond and do what is "being asked" of us or we fight it and end up feeling miserably.

Pluto, Neptune, Uranus, Saturn and Jupiter are the outer planets. I also like to include Chiron (asteroid/planetoid) when it is doing something directly to "your" chart. The outer planets move very slowly- an outer planet transit to your chart could take 2 years as opposed to the Sun or Venus transiting your chart, takes one day! When Pluto makes a direct aspect (mathematically) to your natal (or progressed chart) you know it. You feel this intense energy to transform your life:  example to give up on an addiction you just can't fight anymore and get the help/support that you need. Many people I know have ended a life long addiction to alcohol or drugs (same thing) when Pluto was opposite their Sun or conjunct it. Pluto offers us "enlightenment" if we do what it wants. What "it" wants is us to clear up old resentments, anger, emotional wounds, etc. by diving deeply into what needs healing within us. No way is Pluto comfortable. It gets our attention to work on self improvement in a big way. People say they are worried about Saturn but Pluto is much harder on us and moves more slowly! You'll find out more tonight.

Learn more about what I'm sharing here by coming tonight. I would love to meet you! If you do come and if you do have a natal chart bring it and I can be helpful.


The Rockland Public Library & Destination Wellness Maine are sponsoring this event. You can Google:  "Destination Wellness Maine" to learn about all the alternative healers in our area. I'm proud to say...there are many!!!!

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