Amplify the Light

By Holly Noonan | Dec 18, 2012

We are approaching the darkest night of the year.There are moments when it feels like we are approaching the darkest moment in human history.

These festivals of lights are an ancient wish for the return of light. May we pass over this threshold of this symbolic end of an era and beginning of a new era with a commitment to amplify the light ourselves.

When we focus on and resist the elements we don't want in the world and in ourselves, we energize them. There's a way in which we can nod to them, acknowledge their existence so they don't get buried in a powerful-later shadow, and amplify their antidote.

Rather than gripping onto what our neighbors, detractors or opponents do and asking our loved-ones to agree with our angry viewpoint, we can take a deep breath. We can breathe in their pain, create space around their perspective, and breathe out love. Just connect with the love you have, which you have in abundance, and share it silently, in the direction of the darkness.

Let the light of our hearts be the flame that burns away the illusion that we are all separate. This tiny, silent gesture is contagious. Let us light other people's hearts on fire.

May it be the hallmark of this newest era on Planet Earth.

Happy Holidays.

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Posted by: Dennis Grannis-Phoenix | Dec 19, 2012 07:37

Thank you Holly - wonderful words for troubling times.

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