Advertising Your Small Business on a Tight Budget.

By Catherine Cooper | Jan 23, 2013

Explaining the advantages of advertising to a small business owner who has limited funds has been an admittedly tough thing for me to do. What does a small business owner gain when he or she takes a portion of their already stretched thin budget and gives it ti someone to promote their business, shop or restaurant?

I am a small business owner myself. I have a limited budget and can appreciate the tight reins that must be applied to a person invested in themselves. I have a few clients and they can see how I have increased talk about them, exposure and yes, sales for them.

Did it happen overnight? No, but it didn't take long. I have been doing this for only 6 months or so and I don't charge much. Actually for the price of a cafe latte or less than the price of a McDonald's meal per day, you can get a post you help craft (or just one I do) posted on your own Facebook page you have already or I help create, a Twitter account I help with and I find you followers, a Linkedin account and a blog, if you'd like one.

No contract to sign and you can have one post a month or more. My recommendation to keep interest up is usually 2 or more posts a month but that's for you to decide.

Social media is the way to go to get the maximum exposure for the least amount of money. Give me a call at (207) 596-3082 or (630) 202-6037.

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