Adopting new thinking to beat the summer blues

By Ivan Serrano | Aug 07, 2018

Ontario — As summer comes to an end and our tans begin to fade, the emotions that come with are evident; no one wants it to come to an end. In the wake of summer blues, the transition for you this year does not have to be a difficult one. We’ve done some research and found some of the ways with which we can have you back in full spirits in no time, ready for what the next season ushers in.

Change your perception of summer

For most people, the middle of the years symbolizes freedom, and therefore the idea of resuming responsibility is met with sadness. People have various struggles in life, for one, the end of summer would mean finding out what that child support attorney cost is, while for another feels a sense of anxiety that they were not able to work hard enough to meet their schooling costs. Therefore, for someone who was able to travel and truly enjoy their summer, understand that it means different things to those around you, and consider being thankful to have had the time to recharge.

Change your perception of fall (and winter)

If for you fall is about getting back to school or work, consider looking at it as an opportunity to grow in life. When you rise to the challenges that come along instead of complaining, when summer finally comes round in the next year, you'll have a smile on your face knowing that you deserve the break to recharge given how much you're able to accomplish. Consider then not just making New Year's Resolutions, but also end of spring- beginning of summer goal that, should you have ticked off, reward yourself. It'll motivate you more when you have to save up for the next vacation.

Enjoy what fall has to offer

Autumn brings with it a different vibe that is also worth loving. Consider the chilly nights by a fireplace drinking hot chocolate, or the walks to and from work as you watch the leave change colors. People like different things about this time of year; find out what you love about it and capitalize on it, instead of only looking back at what the previous season had to offer. If there is an aspect you don't like, take active steps toward resolving those issues. If that is not possible then perhaps it is time to make peace with what you cannot change.


Beating the summer blues require a mind-shift given that these are events that we have no control over. Seasons will change whether or not we are ready, and perhaps it is time that we choose to focus on what they have to offer.

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