Accused Maiden Cliff wife pusher loses appeal

By Daniel Dunkle | Apr 08, 2014
Source: File photo Charles Black's trial for attempted murder has been on hold pending a Maine Supreme Court decision on his appeal of allowing more than 500 pages of medical records to be used in court.

Camden — Maine's highest court has tossed out the appeal of a Camden man accused of striking his wife with a rock and throwing her off Maiden Cliff in 2011.

Charles R. Black, who faces charges including attempted murder, had filed an appeal to the Maine Supreme Judicial Court arguing the state did not follow the proper procedure in obtaining his medical records from Eastern Maine Medical Center. The appeal came after Superior Court Justice Jeffrey Hjelm denied his motion to suppress his medical records.

In its April 8 decision, the court noted that Black has not yet stood trial or been convicted of the charges against him. The court ruled that the trial should not be stalled to deal with a premature appeal, which could raise concerns about rights to a speedy trial and double jeopardy concerns.

If Black is convicted and his medical records were used against him, he will have an opportunity to file an appeal at that time, the court ruled.

The state alleges that on April 7, 2011, Black, who was hiking on Mount Megunticook with his former wife, Lisa Black, struck her in the head three times with a rock, dragged her to the edge of a cliff and threw her over, according to court papers.

Despite her injuries, she was able to reach Route 52 and seek help, reporting that her husband was trying to kill her, court papers state. Charles Black also fell from a cliff and was seriously injured.

His then-wife reported to law enforcement she had recently inherited $4 million and that Black had been taking some of these funds without her permission, court documents state. She reported that Black had tried to kill her twice before their hike.

The Blacks divorced in 2012.

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Posted by: Amanda Parten | Apr 09, 2014 17:06

I am altogether curious why this woman would stay with this man for as long as she had? Honestly, if someone even talked down to me once with mental abuse AND tried to kill me, not once, but THREE TIMES, I would be out the door so fast your head would spin and hope to get into witness protection! This is perhaps the strangest story I have ever heard!!! Perhaps 20/20 should be contacted? Wow. Just wow...


Posted by: Francis Mazzeo, Jr. | Apr 09, 2014 10:35

Must have been something appealing about him until she caught his hand in the cookie jar.

Posted by: Laura Libby-Campbell | Apr 09, 2014 06:42

Think I would have left after the first attempted murder!

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