Accident on 235 in Waldoboro

By Laurel E Taylor

On August 2nd a wonderful young man lost his life due to a tragic accident on 235 in Waldoboro.

When visiting the accident scene this past week I noticed the following:

1. People drive well over the posted speed limit of 45 mph.

2. When someone is on the side of the road drivers have a habit of not moving over at all. (Shame on all of you).

3. Whether you have a small pickup truck or a large box truck, slow down!

4. Remember state laws regarding bike riders on our roads. If you do not know them look them up on the state web site, learn and follow them. It will spare a family pain that is not needed.

Most of all if you can not keep your eyes on the road, your mind on your driving and pay attention to the road conditions, do all of us a favor and don't drive at all.

Remember you are responsible for all your actions when driving!