About doing only what one wants

By George S. Chappell | Aug 10, 2018

A former wife, after our marriage,

told me I always did what I wanted.

Licking my wounds then, I was not ready

for advice from a marital source.


But since that time, I’ve come to feel she’s right.


Doing only what one wants is self-centered

and takes into account no one else’s

feelings, be they of friends’ deepest wishes,

while trying to project another’s life.


Honesty with others and oneself

goes a long way with affection and trust,

while looking at others as an extension

of one’s own perceptions is not fair.


But, it has been the way I’ve lived

my life at work and at home.

I realize I’ve not been willing to let go

of control, rather than letting matters be.


Being oneself takes awareness

in stating and taking risks.

Each of us is an individual

with private thoughts and desires


who cannot assume to know

what others want, as much as

their knowing what I want.

Better yet, one might ask the others


about what they might prefer.

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Posted by: Edwin E Ecker | Aug 10, 2018 16:08

I was married 43 years the first time and always catered to the wife's wishes ( not good) so I went the other way and now I do just what I damn well please !

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