A visit to St. Nicholas

By Ina Doban | Dec 20, 2018

Santa, I'm here from the Times.

Our interview's set for today.

There are many unanswered questions

I'd like to ask if I may.


Do you feel that you set good examples

with your pipe in a non-smoking zone;

that your weight far exceeds that

of normal; when you exit your sleigh

you must groan?


Is it true all the elves in your workshop

slave long hours for minimum pay?

That your reindeer must fly without lunch break

to get round the world in a day?


In monitoring people's behavior,

violation of privacy's broken.

Then breaking & entering houses,

with nary a word being spoken.


That pretty much covers it, Santa.

It should give my column a lift.

Here is a list of suggestions,

what you may leave for my gift.


Ina Doban lives in Camden.

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