A united "Finns & Friends"...

By Art Jura | Jan 31, 2013
Photo by: Art Jura

SOUTH THOMASTON. — OK, you caught me! I promised four months ago that I would write no more "blogs" about the local Finnish Congregational Church, but here I go again! Well, just relax for a few minutes, because I am writing this with a strong sense of hope and relief!

So, what happened? The Church held their annual business meeting last Sunday, and new leadership has been elected. That's why you see the illustration above, with the congregation singing joyous hymns of praise,framed between the Finnish and American colors.

Remember that old sketch four months ago, with Satan peeking through the church windows at a sleeping congregation?

Yes, a lot has happened during the past four months, and it has brought all three Finnish-American organizations back together into what I like to call "Finns & Friends". The oldest of these is the church, formed on Nov. 23, 1907. The Finn-Am Society began on July 27, 1993, and the Finnish Heritage House on July 12, 2003. All three organizations utilize the new fellowship hall beneath the church, which had lead to numerous other activities...including language studies and Kantele music groups.

Church Officers elected: President: Peggy Oliver. Vice-President: Jackie Harjula. Treasurer: Barbara Hooper. Ass't Treasurer: Edna Montgomery. Recording Secretary: Barbara Linscott. Deacons: Edna Montgomery, Barbara Linscott, Gloria Dennison, Eva Turner. Deacons at Large: Dorothy Jackson, Sally Anderson. Building Committee: Neil Harjula, Mahlon Linscott, Gail Robinson. Greeters: Joan Harjula. Missions: Barbara Hooper.

The key here for my optimism for the future? Newly elected President for "Finn-Am Society" is Peggy Oliver, and Jackie Harjula retains her position as President for the "Finnish Heritage House". That's what I call a winning team for "Finns & Friends"!

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