A Smile on Our Hearts

By Spectrum Generations | Nov 02, 2012

November is National Home Care and Hospice Month

Every November brings a wave of thanks in our lives – we are thankful or our family, our life, job, pets, neighbors, communities – you name it and it’s been mentioned at the Thanksgiving table.  But what about being thankful for Home Care?   Deb & Ken share their story of “Thanks” for the caregiver they hired through Bridges Home Care to care for their adult son with Autism. 

Their story:

“Twenty-eight years ago the word “Autism” took a huge handle on our lives.  We have two kids, and they both have Autism.  As we entered the journey of becoming advocates to both our children, we became their teachers, nurses and care providers.  This was before we had computers, all the info we got was on our own.  I stopped teaching second grade and became a stay at home mother because our son Ben developed seizures that would place him in ICU, CCU for days.  We traveled to Boston and anywhere the so-called experts were. 

After our kids graduated from high school, their eligibility for financial assistance for care was drastically reduced and the world of care became the responsibility of family members. The day we decided to ask for an agency’s help was very traumatic.  How could we let a stranger into our home?    Ben is non-verbal, he could be abused or neglected.  Maybe we could set up a hidden camera?  The very idea was too hard for me – so I did it all myself.  Bathing, shaving, feeding, etc. 

Then one day we decided to give it a try.  I decided to try Bridges Home Care.  We honestly thought we found an angel the very first time she walked in (and still do).  Erica comes in with a smile – and leaves our son with one when she leaves.  My husband and I get to spend time together once a week while our son is being well cared for.  We lost our “respite” hours when the state cut funding, but at least now we can connect with each other for a small amount of time each week.  And it’s not for PET’s – PCP’s – IEP’s – MRI’s – CAT Scans – doctor’s appointments – EEG’s or ER visits, it’s because we have Bridges Home Care and our sweet Erica as our angel.  The smile she puts on his face leaves one on our hearts.”

Bridges Home Care is a division of Spectrum Generations, the Central Maine Area Agency on Aging.  Bridges provides care at home throughout central Maine to elderly and disabled adults. Whether it’s housekeeping, bathing, dressing, errands, companionship or round the clock care – we are grateful that we can help.  Our clients leave a smile on our hearts too. 

To find out how Bridges Home Care can help you or your loved one, please call 800-876-9212.  

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