A pup who won't "Fall Back"

By Benny Huckleberry as told to Liz Hoffmann | Nov 05, 2019

My human was recently talking about clocks, about time “falling back” and about gaining an hour’s sleep. She sure seemed happy at the prospect of the extra sleep! But then, in equal measure, she seemed sad when she remembered it would get dark earlier. “Oh, Benny, I really hate when it gets dark at 4 p.m. The days are so much shorter then!”

I found this statement and her sadness perplexing. How could the days possibly be shorter? It seems to me that a day is just a day. And if she misses the daylight, then she can just get up earlier, and to heck with what the clock says. Anyway, that’s what I do, and it works for me. So, if you love daylight, then just get up earlier so you’ll get more of it. Problem solved! Plus, I am always up for an early rise to get out and smell the cold morning air. I don’t wear a watch, can’t even tell time, and get by just fine. My stomach seems to know when it’s dinner time, and my eyes seem to know when it’s bedtime. I get sleepy and they try to shut!

I’m really not sure why humans focus so much on clocks and measured time. Almost everyone wears a watch and looks at their digital phone all day long to see what time it is. So many humans I’ve seen do this and they do it several times a day. From my personal human, I constantly hear her ask “Benny, what time is it?” As if I know! Even if I did, what does it mean? Whenever I think back on happy times, I never remember what time it was. Rather, it’s all about how I felt, and I haven’t a clue what the clock said.

My human is especially time-obsessed in the morning. We are all snuggled and comfy in bed and then the alarm clock goes off. She sits up with a start, jumps out of bed and starts running around. Her whole demeanor changes. She goes from relaxed to frantic and rushing, to try to get out the door. It’s really as if she’s a slave to that clock or something!

Maybe it’s not just her. Perhaps many humans are also slaves to or have an obsession with time. Lately, when we’ve walked downtown, I’ve overheard people talking about Thanksgiving and Christmas and how they are only “a month away.” The mailman is even in on it. He started bringing all sorts of Christmas catalogs to the door, which is the last thing my human needs. It just puts more time pressure on her! Why does he do that? Dang! I don’t understand you humans. It’s the anticipated future and meanwhile, you are missing the present with all of this nonsense! I don’t think when you fondly remember Christmas – you focus on the clock or what gifts you got or gave. That never seems to be what’s most meaningful. What means most is probably how you felt being with loved ones. And yet, so many of you seem to agonize over getting the perfect gift, always worried about what to buy before, and worried that it wasn’t enough or wasn’t right after. All of that silly worrying and then, the gift’s forgotten in an instant! Much better to not worry so much about time and clocks and presents. And so, in protest, I won’t “Fall Back” this year!

With love,

Benny H.

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