A pet for every cuddle preference

Sep 12, 2017
Missy is not the touch-feely kind, but she still has lots of love to give.

Camden — When it comes to hugs and snuggles, pets, like people, run the gamut. Some practically glue themselves to you; others — just as loving, in their way — prefer to maintain a respectful distance.

Our 7-year-old feline friend Missy falls into the latter cat-egory. With her stunning beauty, she’s so decorative you’ll love having her around. And for the most part, it will be best to leave it at that. Missy’s previous owner, an elderly lady, wanted more snuggles than this princess was willing to offer, and she has the scratch marks to prove it. We know Missy has a lot of love to give; it’s just not the touchy-feely kind. So if you can do without a lap cat but wouldn’t mind the presence of a beautiful, if aloof, housemate, we’ve got the kitty for you.

At the other end of the physical-affection spectrum is Alice, an enthusiastic pup that would climb inside your skin if she could. Now 6 months old, she’s no longer a baby but a sort of toddler, busily discovering the world around her. Until now, she's been with her mother and sister and has been happy and outgoing. But now that Mom and Sis have been adopted, she’s feeling a bit vulnerable and insecure. At first blush, you might even call her shy. But believe us, there’s a whole other side to Alice, and we’re confident it will resurface as soon as she has a real family to love.

At P.A.W.S., our thoughts are always with the animals —yours, ours and those in need. Over the past year, we’ve been adopting animals from crowded shelters in the South and finding homes for them here in Maine. And now, in the wake of hurricanes Harvey and Irma, that’s become essential, because every pet we’re able to absorb frees up a space in a local shelter for an animal displaced or traumatized by the storms. Of course, we, too, have only so much room, which is why we’re sending out an urgent plea for volunteers willing to provide temporary, loving foster care in their homes for dogs and cats in need. Interested in learning more about fostering? Email Brandi at or visit our website,

In times of need, our four-legged friends need us more than ever.

At 6 months, Alice is learning all about the world. She'd love to be your new best friend.
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