A Must Read Before a Laser Hair Removal Treatment

By Emma Kalman | Jan 02, 2018
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NYC — There is no more efficient way of getting rid of unwanted hair other than having a laser hair removal. It eliminates all the hair, and there is no regular shaving, waxing or tweezing the hair. The process is safe even in sensitive areas like around the eyes but not very close though and even in the neck.

The first and foremost thing you should check is the doctor’s credentials and reviews from past clients if at all you can access such information. Do not take chances with your health as it can lead to lifelong health complications if done by unqualified doctors. Test patch treatments are very necessary for an effective treatment operation since they give any prior warnings.

Laser hair removal facts you should be aware of

    Laser hair removal treatment is not a one-time treatment. It requires 6-8 treatments in order to get permanent hair removal. This is because; on each treatment only about a fifth of your hair is eliminated. This means you definitely require more than 5-treatments to get rid of 100%of the hair.

    There is always a chance of some hair growth in the future since your body’s cells and tissues are constantly growing. The treatment suppresses growth in only the active cells and tissues. The laser is only active and effective on growing hair follicles. This is another main reason why several treatments are required.

However, in cases of hair re-growth, these are generally lighter and are no much cause of the alarm, but another treatment can always be performed.

    Pale skinned people have little success with laser light treatments, sometimes being ineffective to a level of 50%. Laser treatment is not very effective on red, blonde or gray hair too. Laser hair removal works best for people with light skin and a dark hair.

    The total cost of the exercise is mostly determined by the type of hair, its density, thickness, and length of the hair growth cycle.

    You should avoid any form of plucking, waxing, and electrolysis for 6-weeks before the actual treatment day. However, ensure that you cut your hair short before the actual treatment day.

    You cannot get a whole body hair removal operation because your body cannot handle a lot of laser light. Too much exposure of the body to laser light can be hazardous.

    There are different types of laser, and each is best suited for a particular reason or a precise part of the body, for example, a diode laser is effective for both light and dark skinned people. Alexandrite laser is very fast and is the best to use if a large area is to be treated.

Despite the procedure being safe, you should be aware of some harm and limitations which may result over and above the normal side effects of pain and bruises.

1.    Since laser treatments involve the use of heat the to burn the hair root follicles, it can easily lead to skin burns. This is especially true for dark-skinned patients. Dark color absorbs heat more.

2.    Use of laser treatment can trigger either overproduction or underproduction of melanin in your body. Excess melanin cause darkening of the skin while low melanin level cause skin lightening. These are all forms of skin discoloration and are not one of those things which are not desirable to have.

3.    If you do not wear protective glasses during the exercise it can cause eye damage, also if you do not use a protective clothing to cover the surrounding areas, there may be unwarranted damage to untargeted areas.

4.    Exposure to sunlight after treatment will trigger bruising, reddening of the skin, the formation of scabs and can even lead to infections.

5.    Since laser treatment might be reactive to photosensitive medication, it is always advisable to first finish your medication. You should do this before thinking of getting a laser treatment, or else you cause great harm to your body tissues if both are in use simultaneously.


Laser hair removal treatment is both costly, has potential harm to your body and is not 100% effective. Only take these treatments offered by professionals such as Aesthetic & Cosmetic Specialists. You should also never mix herbal or home treatment remedies with doctor's treatment recommendations. As this can have a very severe reaction in or on your body causing pain and infections.

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