A 'hod' of happenings in Waldoboro

By Beth A. Birmingham | Feb 11, 2014
Photo by: Beth A. Birmingham Resident Jann Minzy speaks about the positive things happening in Waldoboro during a recent board of selectmen meeting. Shown are Chairman Craig Cooley, left, and interim town manager Wes Richardson.

Waldoboro — Residents are coming together to promote positive developments in the town of Waldoboro.

Last month the Waldoboro Business Association or WBA formed a group called Community Connections. The purpose of the group is to promote a positive image of Waldoboro, connect local businesses and community groups, and act as a positive news accelerator for the town's activities and events, according its January newsletter.

Community Connections aims to feature some event or activity every month — beginning with Adopt the Hod program in February. What is known as the Super Hod — an oversized clam hod designed for the Waldoboro Day parade — has been placed on the lawn at the town office.

The group hopes to have businesses and/or organizations rent the hod and display promotional information to advertise their business.

"The clam hod is a better symbol for Waldoboro than the five-masted schooner because it is more relevant to today's industry," said Caren Clark, secretary of the WBA and point person for Community Connections.

"It represents the small business owner who is self-employed and often struggling to make it through the winter," said Clark.

The group also aims to plan and publish ongoing written articles and video projects to highlight town history, new businesses, town services, local events and behind the scene stories of people, products and professions.

Community Connections encourages attendance of a positive and concerned nature at all Board of Selectmen meetings, and have a greater support for the town government.

At its Jan. 17 meeting, the group discussed a variety of items.

— to compile a list of community organizations and contact information

— to identify any limitations and legality of advertising using the Super Hod on town property

— contact the Shellfish Conservation Committee to prepare a banner for the hod to promote clamming in the area

— ask carpenters to build medium-sized clam hods for artists to decorate and display in various locations throughout town

— create a clam-digging day as an educational event and have a Clam Queen in the Waldoboro Day parade

— prepare a press release called Hod Happenings to recognize the sponsor of the month and list events and activities.

Waldoboro resident Jann Minzy addressed the board of selectmen at its Jan. 28 meeting regarding the positive things that are occurring.

"I have lived in Waldoboro more than 40 years and love it," said Minzy. "I don't know if the select board has a five-year plan, but there are a couple things you should be aware of," she added.

She talked about the Community Connections group, sponsored by the WBA.

"This group of concerned citizens is doing the walk as well as the talk," said Minzy

Minzy, who went to the initial meeting of the group, said that creating a positive image of Waldoboro was discussed. She mentioned the present iconic figure of the town is the five-masted schooner, "but you don't see any."

A common thought was clamming, said Minzy, as Waldoboro has the most licensed harvesters in the state.

Community Connections invites the public to its next meeting Friday, Feb. 21 at 8 a.m. at the Village Bakery & Cafe on Friendship Street.

"I would challenge you to attend the next meeting to see what's going on," said Minzy to the board.

For more information on the group, contact Clark at cbcon3@roadrunner.com or info@waldoborobusiness.org.

Courier Publications reporter Beth A. Birmingham can be reached at 594-4401 ext. 125 or via email at bbirmingham@courierpublicationsllc.com.

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Posted by: Charlotte Davenhill | Feb 12, 2014 07:39

Really!? A "clam queen?" Can somebody please save us from this??

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