A Great Home Is Waiting for You

By Mike Krieger | Mar 04, 2018

Everyone wants their dream home, but even buying your first starter home or a fixer-upper can be stressful and challenging. Having a property agent in Toronto, Ontario, can be incredibly helpful, especially if you aren't entirely sure where to get started.

The Right Home

Knowing your needs and wants is a very useful way to begin. Do you have to have a big yard? There are a number of fantastic town homes in Toronto that are quite lovely, but they're generally not going to have much of a yard to go along with them. Simply identifying what will and won't be under consideration aids in narrowing the scope of your search. Do you know how many bathrooms and bedrooms you'll need? Do you or your partner work at home? An extra bedroom can easily be converted in a home office or work area, and some houses come with a bonus room that can become almost anything you'd like.

Once you have a pretty good idea about what will and won't be acceptable, you can gauge more on style, feel, and overall aesthetic. Even if a home looks right on paper, that doesn't mean you'll fall in love with it. Be sure to get out and see what's available. A handful of showings can be hugely beneficial in judging what you'll really like. Some people love French doors, and some people hate them. Small details like that really do matter, especially when narrowing your final selection.

The Right Neighborhood

Do you want to live near conveniences like a local market or even your gym? How far are you willing to commute for work? A great home in the wrong neighborhood will be a deal breaker for pretty much anyone. You should identify your neighborhood choices at the same time you're determining your must-haves and bonus features. Not only will this help eliminate a whole host of homes, but it will simultaneously aid you in determining the price ranges you'll be looking at. As you know, some neighborhoods are simply more in-demand than others, and prices tend to reflect that.

The Right Price

This is one of the first questions that your property agent in Toronto, Ontario, will ask. What sort of price range are you looking at? Does that range have any wiggle room? Your agent isn't being nosy. This will assist in removing offerings that are out of your price range. This immediately helps in targeting homes that are within your budget, so no one's time is wasted.

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