A friend who does tax returns for a living sent me this information, I just have to share this!!!!!

By ananur forma | Jul 24, 2018
an example of how it is.......Earned Income vs. Investment Income
Earned Income taxpayer Investment Income Taxpayer *
Wages $45,000
Interest $400 $400
Qualified Dividends $20,000
Capital Gains $25,000
Social Security $37,000 $37,000
Total Income $82,400 $82,400
Taxable Income $46,265 $46,265
Federal Tax $6,009 $126
Social Security Tax ** $2,790 $0
Medicare Tax ** $653 $0
Total Federal Tax Liability $9,452 $126
* Married Filing Jointly; taxpayer over 65 spouse under 65; no additional dependents
** Taxes doubled if self-employed (my remark: we get "punished" for being self employed


I admit I am, and always have been a "slow learner."However, now I get it.... Why it's said that the regular people pay all the taxes to keep the country going.

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