A friend asked me about the possibility of 2 Scorpios getting together? 2 water signs can have a pretty intense effect on each other.

By ananur forma | Nov 18, 2012

Today is November 18, 2012  Mercury is STILL retrograde (since Nov. 6) and has wrecked havoc in my life since it went retrograde. I had to get a new muffler because a stray piece of wood on Rte. 1 flew up under the car and broke mine. I tried to avoid hitting the wood in the road which must’ve fallen off of someone’s truck. No one to blame.  I wanted to call the Police. Who was the person who lost the wood? “I don’t know, officer.” It certainly was frustrating, it broke the muffler immediately. I got new speakers for computer. I returned them because they were sputtering. Then bought new speakers at a different store, only to find out that my computer is the problem, not the speakers. I’m not going to get a different computer until Mercury is direct, and that’s after November 26. Actually a friend of mine is getting a new one and said I could have her old one as soon as it’s professionally wiped clean. How fortunate am I. That’s because I was born with Jupiter rising. We’ve had problems with streaming at the radio station, which won’t be getting fixed right away which is unsettling for those who have shows on the air today and tonight. Sometimes it just happens like that, but usually it’s when Mercury is retrograde. My computer has been to the shop 3 times since Mercury turned retrograde! However, I did learn how to do a podcast, and that’s very exciting. I did a great radio,  on November 1 which is traditonally called, “All Saints Day,” according to the Catholic religion. I wasn’t brought up Catholic so forgive me please, that I renamed the day, “We’re all Saints Day,” for my radio show and played music by the Moody Blues that comes from the saintliness in the Moody Blues dedicated to the saintliness in all of us. I found some really inspired songs from different albums which fit the theme perfectly. Songs such as, ”The Voice,”  “I Heard It, ”Lean on me,”    “Voices in the Sky,” Sooner or Later (you’ll be walking on air), just to name a few. That show is on www.wrfr.org podcast list, in case you're interested? My radio show is called, “Positively Moody Blues,” because I play only their music for one hour with a sprinkle of Astrological information. Thursdays from 8-9 p.m. east coast time zone.


The other day a friend left a message on my answering machine with this question, “Ananur, what do you think of the possibility of a relationship between 2 Scorpios?”

Well, that got me thinking. First of all to compare 2 individual’s charts there is a bunch of planets to consider. The Astrologer has to think about how does the Sun in Scorpio aspect (mathematical relationship)  the other person’s Moon (at birth) or Mars or Venus or Jupiter? So many planets to compare in order to get a sense of how the relationship might be and if it would last?  I decided to explain it this way.

When 2 people have the Sun in the same sign it’s usually not considered the best for a relationship, but that’s a general statement. However, 2 Scorpios would be the most challenging for these reasons: Scorpio people are very sensitive emotionally and would be affected by each other’s moods. That’s because they are water signs. Cancer and Pisces are also water signs but not as intense as Scorpio! Scorpio people have a tendency (not ALL of them, but most of them) to assume they know how you are feeling and thinking and often they are correct. So, if 2 Scorpios were in a relationship and both were assuming they knew how the other felt and didn’t ask the other, how are you feeling? There would be big conflicts. It’s very very very very very very insulting to be told that you know better than I do about how I feel and think.  2 Scorpios would be dong this. That would kick off huge arguments. It would be important to agree never to do THAT, and to ask each other, how are you feeling?  Never ever to assume that you know better than your partner how they feel at any given moment, even if you are right, it’s terribly disrespectful. I had a friend, well he’s still a friend, since 1973, and he used to tell me what my problem was and explain all about it to me. I was furious and would end up telling him to back off. About a year ago (this is 26 years later, mind you) he called me, from his home on the west coast and told me that he felt he owed my an apology. I said, “What for?” Then he said, he really ought not to have told me how to feel or how I feel rather to let me come to my own conclusions.” Oh that, I said, I forgave you a long ago for that.” He was a friend, not my partner, if he had been my partner at that time we probably would not have made it much longer with his need to be right and correct me all the time. So that’s the Scorpio thing. Oh one more obvious thing about why 2 Scorpio people have a fat chance of making it together, and that’s because they were born jealous with the fear of being rejected and abandoned. They want to have their partner’s full attention and devotion. That’s the other concern with 2 Scorpios they get obsessed with going deeper and deeper into each other and the rest of their life gets put on hold, for example their talents and abilities to make their life more enriched and successful. They put a huge amount of energy into relating. It can feel obsessive and smothering to someone who is not a Scorpio. If the 2 Scorpios work together or are both involved with jewelry making or playing music, or creating a business together, etc. it could work, that is for awhile as they might burn out on each other if they’re together all the time, which they may have a tendency to do. They are deep feeling people and to be loved by a Scorpio is profound as long as it doesn’t feel like it's a trap to you. Some people want more freedom to be themselves. While others, like Scorpios want to fall into each other and become one with each other. Do you know of any Scorpios in relationship or marriage together? I’d be curious to hear your feedback. ananur@AstrologyWithAnanur.com that would help me to learn more. That’s’ what I love about Astrology I feel that I could go on studying and learning more til I’m in my 90’s and still be fascinated.

I began studying Astrology in January 1973 with Betty Caulfied in Boston, then studied with Isabel Hickey for years and years, also in Boston and became part of Issie’s “Friday Night Fix,”  meditation group. That’s’ where I met (in 1974)  my friend, whom I shall call, “Richard,” whom I referred to in this piece about Scorpios. He has Scorpio for his rising sign. He’s a musician. His songs are interesting and observant of people and are about his deeper understanding of life and relationships, from his personal perspective. Because he uses his Scorpio energy to observe people and then puts that awareness into words, I think it takes the obsessive part of him and directs it constructively. Otherwise it would drive his Aquarius wife crazy!

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