A Complete Guide To Replacing Sensor Batteries On Your ADT Home Security System!

By Mike Krieger | Jun 14, 2018

Regardless of how well you know and understand about ADT security system, there will always be questions that might pop up again and again, which will lead you towards understanding some more facts about it. One of the most common one is how to change its batteries!

Well, the ADT battery should be replaced at regular intervals in sensors of the ADT home alarm system that are typically located in windows and doors. If you see BAT or LO BAT message popping on sensor, it is high time you must get it replaced! The following is a complete guide that will help you in replacing it.

Steps to replacing your ADT batteries

  • First of all, look at keypad display to know which of the sensors requires to be replaced. You will be able to see the description, zone or point number that will tell you location of sensor.
  • Note down model number of each of the sensor that requires replacing of the batteries.
  • Buy appropriate batteries from a reliable store.
  • Now it is time to turn your alarm system to the test mode. In case you are unable to turn it, you can call ADT and they will place your system in the test mode.
  • Remove cover from sensor with the help of flat blade to insert into seal and pry it off.
  • Inspect existing batteries for damage or leaks. If you find any leaks, ensure to contact ADT specialist to further proceed with the replacement.
  • Insert replacement battery after waiting for minimum 30 seconds. While inserting new battery, ensure that you have suitable side that is inserted matching up with polarity.
  • Replace cover of sensor and make sure that it is properly secured into place. You now need to activate it by closing and opening door or window that it monitors.
  • Check keypad screen to make sure that BAT or LO BAT message is not displayed anymore.

Testing the system

  • Press star key, your master code and 4 to test sounder and then display test. After completing this sequence, you can see the entire indicator lights as well as pixels displayed.
  • Press pound key for stopping sound and display test.
  • Ensure that “Ready” light is turned on and system is already disarmed before you proceed with “Walk” test.
  • Now, initiate “Walk” test.
  • Activate sensor that required battery replacement by opening window or door that it monitors.
  • Check out the display to make sure that it mentions “Arm or Secure System”, “Secure system before arming”, or “Secure system or Enter code”.

Important finishing steps

  • Remove alarm system from the test mode. You can do it even by directly calling ADT.
  • Once the process is completed, you can recycle old batteries.
  • Arm the security system to make sure your home is protected!

So now you know how to change the battery in your ADT alarm system, right? Just make sure to follow the above steps properly to ensure successful battery replacement!

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