A Change is Going to Come

By Loyal Biscuit Co. | Jan 21, 2014

Some of you may already be aware, but on Friday the 17th, Zuke’s Performance Pet Nutrition (the makers of treats such as Mini Bakes, Z-Filets, and Natural Purrz) announced that they were bought by Nestlé Purina, the company behind brands such as Alpo, Friskies, Waggin’ Train, and Beneful. In other words, Nestlé helms a lot of brands that contain less than great ingredients from less than reputable sources and locations. They were also one of the major brands involved in the 2007 recalls due to melamine contamination that resulted in numerous pets suffering or dying due to renal failure. Nestlé also routinely tests on animals and has a very seedy history linking them to child labor, violating human rights, and fraudulent labeling.

The announcement has lead to a lot of shock and feelings of betrayal throughout the pet community. As company that prides itself on its core mission of pet health, Zuke’s seems to have made a major misstep in aligning itself with a company that doesn’t seem to hold that same belief. In their facebook announcement, Zuke’s stated that they will still “run as an independent company” based out of Durango, Colorado, the recipes “will remain the same, or be improved, but will never be compromised,” and that they will continue to sell their products to only “pet specialty, online and natural grocery retailers” (see the full statement here). Many of these sentiments seem to echo those made by Natura Pet Products (Innova, Evo, California Natural, HealthWise, Mother Nature, and Karma Organic Dog Food) after they were acquired by Procter & Gamble (Iams and Eukanuba) in 2010. Unfortunately for Natura, there have been a rash of recalls on their products ever since they were bought and as of October, there’s been talk that Procter & Gamble is looking to sell Natura due to a drop in sales.

Where does that leave the Loyal Biscuit Co.? Due to Nestlé’s history of subpar products and actions, which conflict with our mission of providing the highest quality products for our customers’ pets, we have started the process of phasing out all of our Zuke’s products. We will continue to sell what we have in stock, but will no longer restock. On the plus side, there are many alternatives to the Zuke’s products we carried:

We are currently working on finding an alternative product for the Z-Filets and Lil Links. If you know of any products that would make a valid substitute, please drop us a comment on our facebook page. We are constantly on the look out for healthy, USA made treats to add to our assortment. And as always, we can still special order any of the Zuke’s products for those that are interested; just give us a call at whichever location is best for you (Rockland - 594-5269; Camden - 236-3354; Belfast - 930-8100) and we can put you on our special order log.

Until next time, Loyal fans!

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Posted by: Sandra Schramm | Jan 21, 2014 08:31

Wow, thanks for posting. I have been using their training treats. Then other products. The dog and cat food market is so big, the crooks are moving in on every corner. Scary cause the FDA has no time to monitor this aspect of the food chain.

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