War memorial committee: 1,200 names and counting

By Staff | May 22, 2003

Camden — A Camden war memorial committee has 1,200 names to include on a list of all the Camden soldiers who served in a war since the Spanish-American war in 1898. They're looking for more.

The committee includes Elizabeth Moran, Parker Laite, Barbara Dyer, Jim Kierstead and the Camden Lions Club.

Moran told VillageSoup that once the list is complete, the committee will begin discussing what type of memorial monument is desired, how big it needs to be, where it will be placed and what it will say.

"Once we have the names, we will bring forward a plan to the Select Board and the residents in the hopes of having a war memorial in place by Memorial Day 2004," Moran said.

Potential locations for the all-inclusive memorial include Harbor Park and the village green, Moran said.

A list of nearly 1,200 names has been compiled from lists provided to the committee by the State Adjutant General's Office, after culling through war time issues of the Camden Herald, and through word of mouth.

That list appears below and Moran said the committee is seeking additions, corrections and any other pertinent information.

Criteria to be included on the memorial are:

  • The person needs to have been a resident of Camden at the time they were either inducted or enlisted;

  • They had to be in the military service or merchant marine during the dates of the wars, noted below.

    "We are seeking their full name, at minimum, and any other information they can provide for the records," Moran said.

    Suggested changes should be sent to Moran at the Camden Public Library at 236-3440, or by email at emoran@camden.lib.me.us.

    On Boulder

    Carl F. Cole

    John Bird

    Edwin G. Bennett

    Charles A. Churchill

    Alfred I. McIntyre

    Allie O. Pillsbury

    Ralph W. Richards

    Amos D. Stockwell

    Joshua G. Wentworth

    Lyford L. Mills

    Albert Feltham

    Horace A. Gerald

    Fred R. Rice

    Frank W. Trull

    Joseph A. Phelps

    Charles C. Cameron

    Gorham J. Dean

    Edward C. Diplock

    George W. Higgins

    Walter E. Higgins

    Ralph L. Higgins (killed)

    Spanish-American War - April to August 1898

    William F. Hall

    Herbert E. Payson

    James A. Cole

    Lewis Knowlton

    Fred B. Thorndike

    Daniel Lamphier

    William A. Herrick

    Charles P. Freeman (died)

    J. Pennington Gardiner

    Fred O. Wooster

    William F. Glover

    Nelson J. Hurd

    Charles Lee Dow

    Charles Diplock

    Howard Ramsey

    J. Schlossberg

    World War I - April 6, 1917 to Nov. 11, 1918

    First Name M.I. Last Name

    Alvah Anderson

    Howard Anderson

    Horatio Alden

    Alden Allen

    Louis Arau

    Russell G. Arey (died)

    Milford Beal

    Howard Beedy

    Christie Bickford

    L. Kenniston Blackington

    George Boynton

    Ralph Brown

    Forest Burkett

    Frank Carra

    Lawrence H. Carroll

    Roscoe L. Carver

    Ralph Chapin

    John J. Clancy

    B. Clifton Clark

    John Clayter

    Raymond W. Clayter

    George Cody

    Carl Cole

    Otis E. Cole

    Warren B. Conant

    Walter Conley

    Fred Cook

    Charles Coombs

    Elmer B. Crockett

    Alexander Dahlgren

    Harry Dailey

    Stanton Dearborn

    James Diplock

    Allie Dougherty

    Raymond Dow

    Myron Drinkwater

    Albert O. Duncan

    George Dunham

    Earle F. Dyer

    E. Frank Dyer

    Frank E. Dyer

    Lee A. Ellis

    Howard Ferrin

    Edwin French

    Alphonse Frye

    Francis Frye

    Roy Gilley

    Frank Glimore

    Albert Gray

    Harland Gray

    Page E. Gray

    Roy C. Handley

    James H. Haskell

    Harold Heal (killed)

    Foster Heald

    Alfred B. Higgs

    John Horton

    Dr. J.G. Hutchins

    Joshua Ingraham

    Donald Johnson

    Frank Jordan (killed)

    Ralph Knight

    Ernest Lamb

    Henry T. Lamb

    Howard Leland

    Edgar Maddocks

    Miriam H. Matthews

    Frank J. McDonnell

    John McGrath

    Thomas J. McGrath

    Adelbert Miles

    George W. Milliken

    Walter L. Milliken

    Benjamin Munroe

    Harold G. Noble

    Keith Norton

    Vincent Nuccio

    Joseph Nuccio

    Fred A. Nutt

    Fred Ogier

    Guy Ordway

    William A. Ordway

    John Parker

    Allen F. Payson

    Maynard L. Payson

    Maurice Payson

    Ralph C. Pearse

    Aubrey Pease

    John Peers

    Raymond F. Pendleton

    George Perry

    James Perry

    J. Gleason Perry

    Frank Quigley

    Washington W. Prescott

    Alphonso S. Prince

    Arthur Rawley

    Joseph Repello

    Martin Richards

    Charles H. Robinson

    Louis H. Safford

    Percival A. Sawyer

    Lewis or Louis C. Sawyer

    Walter Shaw

    George L. Simmons

    John Stevens

    Lewis G. Tewksbury

    Henry R. Thomas

    George Thomas

    Samuel H. Tibbetts

    Charles Tilden

    Mark Wadsworth

    Emerson Wadsworth

    Henry Watts

    Clarence L. Wellman

    Raymond Wellman

    Joseph S. Wheeler

    Wilbur Young

    J.Crawford Young

    World War II - Dec. 7, 1941 to Dec. 31, 1946

    Robie F. Ames Jr.

    Herbert Alexander

    Robert Alexander

    Raymond Walter Allen

    Alton W. Allenwood

    Maurice E. Allenwood

    Harold E. Alley

    Kenneth L. Alley

    Allison G. Ames Jr.

    Edwin Ames

    Frank Daniel Ames

    Leslie D. Ames

    David Anderson

    Frederick Anderson

    Raymond Anderson

    Robert Anderson

    Robert L. Anderson

    Michael Arico

    Peter Arico

    Howard L. Apollonio

    Harold S. Arnold

    George H. Ayers Jr.

    Thomas Aylward

    Edwin C. Bachelor

    Harold L. Bagley

    Joseph Freeman Bagley

    James A. Ball

    Alden C. Barnard

    Edmund L. Barnard

    Elmer Churchill Barnard

    Clyde Bartlett

    Forrest Edward Bartlett

    Frederick Melvin Bartlett

    Lee Herbert Bartlett

    George G. Barton

    Mayland F. Barton

    John Warren Baxter

    Elmer E. Beal

    John Richard Bemis Jr.

    Roger E. Bens

    Irving B. Bennett (killed)

    James W. Bennett

    Loren Bennett Jr.

    Benjamin Henry Benson (killed)

    Donald O'Shaughnessy Bentley

    Frank P. Berry

    Ivan Clayton Berry

    Lyford H. Beveridge

    Norwood Beveridge

    Theodore Beveridge

    George Ronald Bickford (killed)

    Paul E. Bickford

    Richard N. Blackington

    Oliver E. Blood

    Kenneth Earl Boody

    Lawrence L. Bowers (killed)

    Lorin E. Bowley

    Norman H. Bowley

    George E. Boynton Jr.

    Harold Eugene Boynton

    Eugene L. Bracy Jr. (killed)

    Lloyd M. Brann II

    Herber Cowan Brill

    Curtis C. Brown (killed)

    Harold Francis Brown

    Leroy Warren Brown

    Ora R. Brown Jr. (killed)

    Richard Delgardo Brown

    Robert L. Brown

    Willard Lorenzo Brown Jr.

    Frederick W. Brownell

    David Farrington Bryant

    Gilbert Bryant

    Leon Francis Bryant Jr.

    Walter L. Bryant

    Richard F. Burgess

    Edward Joseph Burke Jr.

    Clifford B. Burkett Jr.

    Stanley Fred Burridge

    Robert E. Cain

    Charles Calderwood

    Roger D. Calderwood

    William B. Carpenter

    Frank Carroll

    Keith S. Carroll

    Alton B. Carver

    Floyd W. Carver

    Harold J. Carver

    Albert H. Chamberlain Jr.

    Russell Chandler

    George T. Chapin

    Oscar W. Chapman

    Theodore Joseph Chase

    Albert L. Clark

    Leon Edgar Clark

    Robert L. Clark

    Milton E. Clegg

    Quintin H. Clukey

    Chesley A. Conley

    Sanford L. Conley

    William B. Connell

    Lionel C. Cooper

    James S. Cousens

    Donald Crawford Jr.

    David F. Crockett Jr.

    Frank H. Cummings Jr.

    Norman A. Cunningham

    Edgar M. Curit

    Milton E. Curit

    Calvin Harry Curtis

    James Lewis Curtis Jr.

    Lawrence M. Dailey

    Rexford Daniels

    Clifton Dean

    Kenneth W. Dean

    Norman W. Dean

    Otis Dean

    Edward Stanton Dearborn

    Howard Thomas Dearborn

    Donald V. Dennison

    Wendell Dennison

    Thomas Dickens

    Carl S. Dickey

    Kenneth C. Dickey

    Alden E. Dodge

    Edwin or Edward R. Dodge

    Leforest R. Dodge

    Arthur R. Dority

    Theodore R. Dorr

    William S. Doucette

    Urban D. Dougherty

    Arnold W. Dow

    Edward N. Drinkwater

    Merrill Bryant Drinkwater

    Robert Eugene Drown

    Alfred Duffell

    Alton L. Dunbar

    Edward J. Dunbar

    Donovan J. Dyer

    Howard Gleason Dyer

    Milton Earl Dyer Jr.

    H. Earl Eastman

    Ray Hooper Easton

    Milton F. Eaton

    Winslow R. Eaton

    Chesley E. Emery

    Desmond S. Emery

    Lester S. Emery

    Averill Linwood Engstrom

    Shirley Calvin Engstrom

    Manter R. Fairbrother

    Charles E. Fernald (killed)

    Stuart C. Ferris

    Warren O. Feyler

    Alvin Fisher (killed)

    Henry W. Fisher

    Maurice L. Fitzgerald

    Arthur E. Flanagan

    Judson B. Flanagan

    Donald Walter Flower Jr.

    Ormond A. Fogg

    Newell H. Foster, Jr.

    Joseph O. Fontaine

    H. Emerson Frye

    Douglas Fuller

    Manford E. Garland (killed)

    William C. Garland

    Parker C. George

    Wendall Gilchrist

    Monroe Gill

    Frank Gilmore Jr.

    John S. Good

    Kenneth E. Goodman

    Elmer Gosen

    George J. Gould Jr.

    Maughan C. Gould

    A. L. Gray

    Desmond R. Gray (killed)

    Sheldon Lewis Gray

    Harold W. Gregory

    William E. Gregory

    Joseph Greenlaw

    Albert W. Grey

    Arthur E. Grinnell

    Lester F. Gross

    Stephen Keith Gross

    Burton Martin Hagelin

    George C. Haley

    Clifford Meservey Hall

    Jenness A. Hall

    Ralph W. Hall

    Robert Walter Hall

    John N. Hammer

    Irving L. Hanscom

    Hillard Sherman Hardy

    Robert Harrington

    Frederick I. Hartford

    Vernon Smith Hartford

    George E. Haskell

    Alfred W. Hatch

    Hugh Ellis Hatch (killed)

    Loranus P. Hatch

    Lawrence A. Hatt

    Albert L. Heal

    Arthur A. Heal (killed)

    Elmer Heal

    Hersal B. Heal (killed)

    Wallace H. Heal (killed)

    Douglas A. Heald

    Nathan Heald

    Charles M. Heath

    Wilhelm C. Hempel

    James Clinton Hendricks or Hendrick

    Wilson Pershing Hendrick

    Robert Nash Hersom

    George E. Hickey

    Virgil Newton Higgins

    William J. Hobbs

    Harry Douglas Hodson

    Richard Hodson

    Willis D. Hodson

    Everett S. Holbrook

    Lawrence N. Hopkins

    Robert Sanborn Hopkins

    Albert E. Horton, Jr.

    Alton L. Horton

    Manson F. Hint

    George Augustus Huntley

    Clarence P. Imhoff

    Howard Stanley Ingraham

    Robert James Ingraham

    O. Robert Ingersoll

    Brewster W. Jameson

    Orville L. Jameson Jr.

    Herbert Jaugh

    Gustav T. Jensen

    Benjamin N. Johnson

    Donald H. Johnson

    Edgar E. Johnson

    Harry Johnson

    James Alexander Johnson

    John S. Johnson

    Albert E. Judkins

    Douglas M. Kelley

    Frank Emerson Kennedy

    Robert Edward Kennedy

    Russell P. Kennedy

    Vernon L. King

    Frank S. Knight Jr.

    Joseph B. Knight

    Maynard L. Knight

    Alfred Knowlton

    Hollis Gardiner Knowlton

    Lowell R. Knowlton (killed)

    Richard Krementz Jr.

    Seeley Walter Laird

    Harold P Lankton

    Richard Louis Lankton

    Vernon Yeaton Leach

    Gilbert H. Leadbetter

    Herbert L. Leadbetter

    James H. Leighton

    Fred Forester Leland Jr.

    Warren H. Lenfest

    Joseph A. Leo

    Nino Leo

    Arthur Knight Leonard

    Clyde L. Leonard

    James Gilbert Leonard

    William F. Leonard

    Douglas Libby

    Herbert Nathaniel Litchfield

    Vaughn W. Lovely

    Harris C. Lucas

    Elmer S. Lufkin

    John Henry McFadden

    Lloyd W. McFarland

    Paul O. McFarland

    Peter P. McGrath

    Stephen R. McGrath

    Emery Henry McIntyre

    Sidney Burton McKeen

    Stuart K. McKeon

    Walter A. McLeod

    Charles MacArthur

    Herbert Lewis MacCoole

    Donald A. MacDonald Jr.

    Francis E. MacDonald

    Robert A. MacDonald

    Donald E. Maddox

    Fred P. Maddox

    Leo Maino

    Richard Harvey Mank

    Herbert F. Mann

    Warren Henry Manning

    Judson L. Manning

    Lloyd Mansfield

    Walter Mansfield

    Harold Marr

    Gilbert C. Marriner

    Roland Marriner

    Arthur I. Marshall Jr.

    Albert D. Mathieson

    Thomas McKay Jr.

    Leon B. Melvin

    Robert W. Merchant

    Herbert L. Miller

    John F. Miller

    Amos L. Milliken

    Donald E. Milliken

    Frank W. Milliken

    Frederick G. Milliken

    Conrad V. Mills

    Francis L. Mills

    Kenneth A. Milton

    Herman R. Monroe

    John Hicks Montgomery

    Philip W. Moody

    Richard A. Moody

    Richard G.? Moody (killed)

    Robert M. Moore (killed)

    Russell S. Moore

    Harley J. Morrison

    Robert C. Morse

    Cecil C. Morton or Norton

    Harvard E. Mullen

    Stanley Robert Munroe

    Walter B. Munroe

    Tony Murgita

    Jerry E. Murphy

    Harry I. Murray Jr.

    Harry Murray, Jr.

    George E. Nash

    Maurice E. Nash

    Wallace H. Neal

    John Gilbert Nelson Jr.

    William H. Nelson

    Ernest Bertrin Nickerson

    Stanley L. Norbeck

    Maynard Norton

    Louis Nuccio

    Peter V. Nuccio

    Billy O'Brien

    Harold F. Ogier

    William J. O'Jala

    Theodore R. Owen

    Vernon Lorin Packard

    Harry A. Parr (killed)

    Lewis W. Patterson

    Burnett M. Payson (killed)

    Douglass L. Payson

    Errol E. Payson (killed)

    Raymond Payson

    Earl L. Pearse

    Francis L. Pellerin

    Martin R. Pellerin

    Philip W. Pendleton

    Ivan E. Pendleton

    Peter Petros

    Robert Pettee

    Randall W. Philbrook (killed)

    George Pierce (killed)

    Arthur Pierson

    Durwood M. Pinkham

    Lawrence W. Pitcher

    Warren Edgar Pitcher

    Archie Edward Plaisted

    Eugene E. Powers

    Frederick L. Powers Jr.

    Edward F. Prescott Jr.

    George E. Prescott

    Harold I. Pushaw

    George H. Randall

    Thurman Randolph

    James C. Redman

    Carleton Leslie Redd

    Ernest C. Redd (killed)

    Carlton E. Reed

    Clifton S. Reed

    John A. Rein

    Martin H. Resnickoff

    Russell Reynolds

    Walter Reynolds

    Albert E. Richards

    Calvin Keith Richards

    Clifton Henry Richards

    Francis E. Richards

    Harry C. Richards Jr.

    Gilbert E. Richards (died)

    Kenneth Arthur Richards

    Norman Keith? Richards

    Raymond Chadbourne Richards

    Ted Richards

    Alonzo C. Richardson

    Harvey H. Richardson

    Everett E. Rines

    Leo J. Rivard

    Charles P. Rivers Jr.

    Scott Roberts

    Alvah Dean Robinson

    Floyd Olney Robinson (killed)

    Milton V. Rollins

    Sherman Lee Ryder

    Everett E. Savage

    Joseph Ansell Sawyer

    Frank H. Sherman

    William F. Schipper

    Hoyt E. Schuman or Shuman

    Edward Edmond Secotte

    Ludwig E. Setter

    Eric H. Sexton

    Lee Junior Shaw

    Manley T. Shute Jr.

    Richard O. Shute

    Buford G. Sleeper

    Avery Haskell Smith

    Donald M. Smith

    William A. Smith

    Clarence E. Snowdeal

    Emerson Snowdeal

    Everett W. Snowdeal

    Donald R. Spaulding

    John Willis Stahl

    Harry G. Stanley

    George H Start

    Hilton M. Start

    Charles M Stearns

    Edward Stearns

    Harry B. Stearns

    Robert A. Stevenson

    Andrew Burton Stinson

    Edward P. Stinson

    Leon Young Stinson

    Fred C Stone

    Irville Raymond Swan

    Clifford Taylor

    John Taylor

    William Taylor

    Richard Stanley Thomas

    Fred Y. Thompson

    Herbert R. Thompson

    Harry C. Tounge

    Warren C Townsend

    John P. Trainor

    Charles Allen Trask

    Joseph A. Trask

    Richard N Trask

    James B Troup

    James C Trout

    Arthur L Turner

    Raymond O. Turner

    Malcolm Wallace Upton

    Gordon Filmore Urquhart

    Charles M Wadsworth

    Elmer E Wadsworth

    Orion R Wadsworth

    Walter J Wadsworth

    Hendrick A. Wansink (killed)

    Elmer W Wardsworth

    Edward Gilkey Ware

    Morton F Warren Jr.

    George Leon Wasgatt

    Eugene Whitney Watts

    James Leavitt Weare

    Leroy G Weed

    George T Weeks

    Arthur M. Wellington

    Herbert Wellman

    Kenneth L Wellman

    Norman E Wellman

    Arthur Wentworth

    Dennis R Wentworth

    Paul W. Wentworth

    Richard A Wentworth

    Trussell O. Wentworth Jr.

    Harold E West

    William R Westerfield

    Earlyn Wyett Wheeler

    Maynard Elmer Whitehouse

    Ernest Lee Whitney

    James F Whitney

    Walter B Whittier

    Glover C. Whittington

    Forest M Wilbur

    John A Wilcox

    Joseph L Wilcox

    Leroy J Wilcox

    John Richard Williams

    Joseph Franklin Wilson

    William F Winslow Jr.

    Leroy F Wood

    Hayden R. Wright

    Leo E. Yates

    Lloyd L. Yates

    Aubrey C Young

    George E Young

    Harold A Young

    Harold Francis Young

    Preston Stephen Young Jr.

    Ralph C. Young

    Richard C. Young

    Robert E Young

    Roger Edison Young

    Terrance P Young

    Ethel A. Anderson

    Joan F. Bird

    Dorothy H. Bryant

    Virginia C. Carr

    Bernice Cunningham

    Dorothy Dickens

    Vera Marion Easton

    Joan Emery

    Rose L. Flanagan

    Gertrude Fraser

    Evelyn Louise Hary

    Mary B. Hatch

    Kathleen R. Heald

    Lacy or Lucy Webb Lake

    Josephine V. Leo

    Dorothy Walden Lord

    Angelena Joan Nuccio

    Grace Russell

    Olive Pecker Shadie

    Nathalie or Pauline I. Smith

    Edith E. Stinson

    Evelyn Marie Stinson

    Margaret R. Tocher

    Hazel B Wansink

    Korean War - June 25, 1950 to Jan. 31, 1955

    First Name Middle Name Last Name

    Alexander MacLeod Adams

    Frank D. Ames

    Richard Henry Ames

    Louis Vincent Arau

    Ralph Flowers Ayers

    Richard Earle Ayers

    Patricia Emily Barton

    Ray Edward Barton

    Gordon Alden Bass

    Robert Upton Bishop

    Philip Howard Blackington

    Richard Bowditch Jr.

    Leon F. Bryant Jr.

    Stanwood Kendall Bryant

    Carl E. Buck

    Joseph R. Burridge

    Clifford Richards Cameron

    Lindon Christie Jr.

    Kilton Carl Crabtree

    Ronald Warren Crocker

    James J. Crockett

    Robert Maurice Davis

    Carl Francis Dean

    Reginald Neal Dean

    John H. Donnelly

    Howard L. Dority

    Carleton F. Dougherty

    Hartwell Dowling

    Harold W. Drinkwater

    Harold B. Drinkwater

    Robert E. Drown

    Charles E. Dudley

    Robert C. Duncan

    Walter F Duncan

    Donald Irving Dyment

    David A. Earl

    Alfred W. Eaton

    Alfred R. Eaton

    Francis Eaton

    Glendon Lloyd Erskine

    Richard Wilkes Foxwell

    Dwight Rupert French Jr.

    Gail Edmund Frye

    Robert Wayne Goodridge

    Robert Milton Gray

    John S. Giffin

    Samuel J. Green

    Chauncey Robert Grinnell

    Jack Ethelbert Grinnell

    L. F. Gross

    James Frederick Hale

    Gilbert E. Hall

    Robert L. Halterman

    Martin Howard Hamalainen

    Hoyt Arthur Haney

    Willis Edgar Hanscom

    Emerson Leroy Hansell

    Warren Elbert Hanson

    Everett Timothy Harding

    Robert Henry Hare

    Sterling Wilson Hastings Jr.

    Alfred Haynes

    Carl Chester Heal

    Clair Quimby Heal

    Horace Herbert Heal

    Robert Roland Heal

    Jack Tracy Henderson

    Arthur Herrick Jr.

    Howard Earle Holbrook

    Richard Hopkins

    Bradford Jameson

    Lee Frederick Jamieson

    Lloyd Baston Jamieson

    James Johnson

    Cedric Eugene Joyce

    Warren Fitzgerald Kelleher

    Jenness French Keller Jr.

    Frank E. Kennedy

    Richard Shattack Knight

    Thomas Carter Knight Jr.

    Edward Benjamin Knowlton

    Frank Warren Knowlton

    Gilbert Charles Laite

    Parker Stone Laite

    Donald Arthur Laliberte

    Keith Roy Landers

    Melvin Ashley Leach

    Maurice Joseph Leonard

    Ernest Fred Littlefield

    Robert Chambers MacLeod

    Gloria Manning

    Raymond Greenlaw Manning

    Robert Lee Manning

    Gilbert Marriner

    Herbert Hudson Marshall

    Robert Bruce Marshall

    Vaughn Wilfred Marston

    Charles E. Masalin

    Kenneth Leroy Milliken

    Kenneth D. Mitchell Jr.

    John Francis Morin

    Alton Lailer Murray

    Edith Grace Nelson

    Llewellyn Vincent Nelson

    Vincent Nuccio

    Joseph Nuccio

    Verne Packard

    Carl Everett Payson

    Francis L. Pellerin

    Gordon Poland

    Sylvanus Walter Polky

    Robert Harvey Porter

    Paul Barbour Putnam

    John W. Quinn

    Robert L. Quinn

    Frank Wilfred Rankin

    John Donald Richards Jr.

    Frank W. Rose

    Donald Albert Rossiter

    Richard Earl Rossiter

    Robert Eugene Rowe

    Charlton Hale Ryder

    Dennis Arthur Ryder

    Joseph A. Sawyer

    Edith Grace Sheldon

    Roger Wallace Sims

    Alton LeForest Small

    John Herbert Small

    Elmer Darrel Snowdeal

    Lewis Winfield Snowdeal

    Lawrence Salvatore Sparta

    Frank Ervin Stearns

    Clifford Gilbert Stinson

    George H. Talbot

    Maurice Plaisted Thomas

    Robert Thomas

    Linwood Keith Tilley

    Lyndall Earle Upton

    Howard Lowell Varney

    Robert Cyrus Wade

    Wendell Earl Walter

    Malcolm Holbrook Watts

    Paul Richard Watts

    Bernard Edward Wheaton

    Frank Eugene Whiffen

    Willard Thorndike Wight

    Francis Allen Wiley

    Melvin Wiley

    Theodore Reginald Wilson Jr.

    Robert Worthen

    Donald Leroy Young

    Vietnam - Dec. 22, 1961 to May 7, 1975

    David Avery Adams

    Charles Alton Alderson

    Warren George Alderson

    Kermit L. Allen

    Robert John Allenwood

    Kenneth Alley

    Michael Wayne Alley

    William Robert Anderson

    Basil David Arau

    Sandra Joan Armstrong

    Dwight Ray Arne

    Lawry Guthrie Arnold

    Joseph J. Bagley

    Kenneth Edward Bailey

    Joseph Paul Bainbridge

    Charles Fred Baird

    Michael David Baird

    Edward John Ball III

    Richard Lawrence Ball

    Thomas Phillips Ball

    Ralph F. Barnard

    Robert H. Barron Jr.

    Bruce Eugene Barter

    David Andrew Barton

    Gilbert Franklin Basford

    Frederick George Beerman

    Frederick Acquin Bell

    Leroy E. Bennett

    Loren Wirt Bennett III

    Frank Allen Berry

    Robert Allen Berry

    Kelvin Roy Bickford

    Kenniston Fred Blackington

    William Norman Bland

    Ralph James Bourke

    Alfred E. Bowen

    Daniel E. Bowen

    Steven Dennis Bowley

    Rodney Phillip Boynton Jr.

    Richard Allen Brown

    Orris E. "Burns, III"

    James Russell Burridge

    Dwight Gilroy Burtis

    Terry Walter Calderwood

    Michael J. Carlson

    Frank Richard Carr

    Jerald Wayne Carr

    Alice Marie Carver

    Floyd William Carver Jr.

    George Roy Chance

    George Thomas Chapin Jr.

    Clarence L. Chase (killed)

    Michael Nelson Chase

    Phillip Harold Chase

    Thomas Walter Chase

    John Anthony Cicogna

    Paul Eugene Clark

    Philip Yates Clement

    Thomas W. Clement

    Alan Douglas Clukey

    Michael Quintin Clukey

    James Richard Collins

    Mark A. Collins

    Karen M. Cote

    Richard P. Cox Jr.

    Dustin H. Cram

    Timothy Leroy Curtis

    Brian Thomas Cruse

    Vernley Elliott Cushing

    Gerald Chapman Dailey

    Thomas Edward Dailey

    Stephen Cleaves Danforth

    Reginald N. Dean

    David E. Deane

    William Leslie Deane

    Paul W. Dillingham Jr.

    Gene Dinsmore

    Leforest Earl Dodge Jr.

    William George Drinkwater

    Edward C. Duggan

    Jennifer Duggan

    Walter Frederick Duncan Jr.

    Ralph J. Dunton

    Willliam John Dvorak

    Donald I. Dyment

    Jonathan Spangler Eddy

    Thomas Cochran Emerson

    Timothy Moncrieff Emerson

    David Myles Emery

    Averil L. Engstrom Jr.

    Ernest Benn Erskine

    Duane Maurice Ford

    Jay H. Foster

    Robert Jacob Free

    Dwight French

    John H. Frye

    Raymond James Gallant

    David Lawrence Garland

    Rosendel N. Gerry

    Arthur Hill Gillmor

    John Pullen Gillmor

    James Harry Goodman

    Mark Goodridge

    John Lawrence Gray

    Terence Powers Gray

    Thomas E. Gray Jr. (killed)

    Richard Milne Greiner

    Kathleen Baum Gross

    Joel Carleton Gushee

    Russell "Hall, III"

    Emerson L. Hansell Jr.

    Frederick Blaine Harriman

    Allen George Harvey

    John Michael Hawkins

    Seaward Burlington Heal

    Richard Thomas Heald

    Richard Wilson Hendrick

    David Eugene Herrick

    Kenneth Leon Hibbert

    Robert A. Higgins

    Victor L. Holbrook

    Douglas G. Holgerson

    Robert John Holgerson

    John Taylor Holman

    Howard Sands Hunt

    John Davis Hunter

    George Henry James

    George Jennings III

    Arnold R. Johnston

    James Philip Joy

    Gaylord Steven Jinno

    John H. Kaler

    Sterling Walter Kierstead

    Charles Knight

    Thomas Carter Knight Jr.

    Frank W. Knowlton

    Lowell Robert Knowlton Jr.

    David Martin Koegle

    Leslie Ladd

    Karl Edward Lammi

    George Arnold Lane

    Clayton Stanley Lamphier

    Galen Ravaughn Lamphier

    Jeffrey Stephen Leach

    David C. Leadbetter

    Robert Thomas Leadbetter

    Bernard Clayton Leicher

    Richard William Leigher

    James Clifton Leland

    Carl Leslie Leonard

    Claude R. Leonard

    Kenneth Wayne Leonard

    Richard David Libbey

    Parker Lucien Libby

    Erik Lie-Nielsen

    James Edward Lindahl

    Herbert N. Litchfield Jr.

    Donald Milon Littlefield

    Jerry Littlefield

    Gary Allen Long

    Wayne Alson Lothrop

    Wayne Harrison Lucas

    Robert J. Lynch

    Rodney C. Lynch

    Peter Andrew McCarthy

    Frederick Wayne McFarland

    Michael Owen McFarland

    Thomas McFarland

    Stanton Clarence McGrath

    Thomas J. McGrath

    Dennis R. McLain

    James Sherwood McKeen

    Bruce Wadsworth MacLennan

    Leonard Karol Maliska Jr.

    Harold Marr Jr.

    John W. Marr

    Robert Marr

    William Herschel Marr

    Wayne Carroll Marriner

    Keith Alan Marshall

    Lee Harold Marshall

    Wayne Herbert Marshall

    Frederick Blackman Merriam

    Michael Lee Merrifield

    Frederick Dale Merritt

    John Rand Michaud

    Joshua Austin Mills

    Charles Jefferson Mitchell III

    Darrell Laurence Moody

    David Charles Moody

    Raymond Hanson Moody

    RIchard J. Moody

    Robert Earl Moody

    Roger Allen Moody

    Ronald Edward Moody

    Janina Ann Morong

    Lesley Jeanne Mosher

    Ronald A. Mosley Jr.

    Steven Bradford Mosher

    Alan L. Myers

    Antonio J. Nuccio

    Joseph Frank Nuccio

    Robert Ogier

    Blaine Osgood

    Richard Jay Osgood

    William Fales Packard III

    William James Lewis Parker

    Brainard C. Paul II

    Anthony Louis Pearse

    Gene Clifton Pendleton

    Eugene Arthur Philbrook

    John David Phillips

    Harlan Lee Pierson

    George E. Pinkham

    John Pitman

    Gordon M. Poland

    Neal Erwin Porter Jr.

    William Prosser

    Jerry Richard Quantrell

    Robert L. Quinn

    Floyd Benjamin Randall Jr.

    Paul Clifford Ranquist

    Richard J. Reed

    Henry Remsen

    Brian Anthony Richard

    Bruce Cabot Richards

    Calvin Edward Richards

    Donald Wayne Richards

    Paul Lyle Richardson

    Ralph Edward Richardson

    Deane Allen Richmond

    Charles Robert Rival

    Myron Franklin Robarts, Jr.

    Thomas Allen Rokes

    Peter F. Roper

    David P. Roundy

    Richard Lee Roy

    Lee Morris Saunders

    Stanley Wilbert Scieszka

    Jeanne Sherburne

    Mulford Francis Simmons Jr.

    Howard Arthur Simonton Jr.

    David Craig Smith

    Raymond Dexter Smith

    L. Thomas Snapp II

    Bradford Ernest Snow

    Dwight F. Snow

    David Perkins Speed

    Carleton Donald Spirio

    Lorin Ava Springer

    Everett Martelle Staples, II

    Ronald Gerrard Stead

    Robert Curtis Steel

    James William Stewart

    Ronald Edward Stickney

    Edward Pearl Stinson, Jr.

    Kenneth Paul Stocker

    Gerald Scott Sturdee

    Jeffrey W. Sukeforth

    John Edward Sukeforth

    John Arthur Swetnam

    David Marcus Taylor

    Larry Odell Thomas

    Paul Edward Tibbetts

    Richard Dean Tilley

    Richard D. Thomas

    Robert F. Tooley

    Dwinal D. Tripp Jr.

    Henry Gene Vinal

    Bruce Clayton Vose

    Robert George Wallace

    Brian Crosby Walsh

    Robert Franklin Waterman

    Edward G. Ware

    Paul B. Webber

    Kenneth Eugene Weed

    Ronald Franklin Weed

    Glenn Earl Weeks

    Brian Frederick Weymouth

    Kenneth A. Weymouth

    Frank E. Whiffen

    Robert Farnsworth Whiteley

    Timothy A. Whittier

    Larry Alan Wilcox

    Frank Wilbur Wiley

    William Francis Willey

    Eugene Clarence Wood

    Dana Woodrow

    Calvin Dale Work

    Gary Ernest Work

    Peter H. Wyatt

    Franklin Philip York

    James Leslie Young

    Reginald D. Young

    Richard J. Young

    Steven Emery Young

    William Young

    Gulf War - January to February 1991

    Michael Crockett

    Samuel Iserbyt

    Christopher L. Kierstead

    Stein L. Sorenson

    James T. Ward

    William B. Soule

    Operation Iraqi Freedom - March 19 to present

    Renee Doucette

    Ryan Grant

    Vahid Smith

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