By Joe Tassi | Sep 27, 2009

From the time we are born until the moment we die we are in transition, yet we resist. When we are younger, we want to be older. When we are older, we want to be younger and we’ll try almost anything to slow the advancing of time. Perhaps if we live longer, just hang on a little longer, we may experience that big “ah-ha” moment of enlightenment which will make sense of our lives.


Or, perhaps we should consider stepping back to take another look at how we might approach our lives What if we considered surrender, a full and complete acceptance of what is? And what is…
is now. There is only now — no past, no future, just the present moment.

Surrendering does not suggest resignation, in which we just give up and say “what’s the use?” Nor does it mean that we abandon our dreams or goals. It simply means that we accept that we can’t make chicken soup out of a tennis shoe no matter how hard we try! Surrender is the simple but profound wisdom of yielding to, rather than opposing, the flow of life.

New Age psychology suggests that to alleviate our pain and suffering we need to make wiser choices. I’m not sure about that. The ability to choose wisely would then be predicated on the assumption that we are fully conscious in our reality, that familial and social conditioning does not affect our ability to choose, and that our choices are carefully considered and not just conditioned patterned responses.

Conditioned response is not choice. We perpetuate our pain and suffering without knowing why, believing that we are fully conscious to our reality. I am suggesting that we are not. We are not fully conscious to our reality until we surrender to what is… the now. Resisting what is through mental judgment and emotional negativity just creates more pain and suffering.

Surrender is an internal experience. It does not mean that on an external level we cannot take action to change a situation. We only need to accept that in the moment, the now, this is the situation that exists. And now, we can decide if the situation is acceptable or not and whether we want to change it or not. We make a conscious choice.

In unconscious reality we hold the belief that with repeated attempts we can bash our head through a brick wall. But in fact all that creates is more pain and suffering because the brick wall will not yield. However, in conscious reality, in surrender, we see that the brick wall, the current obstacle, cannot be overcome by bashing our heads into it. With that knowledge we are ready to make a real choice that does not keep us locked into a pattern of bashing our head into solid objects.

Here’s another example: If I was incarcerated for having committed a crime, I could resist my imprisonment and yet that would not change the reality, I am imprisoned. Resisting the reality will only create more pain and suffering, but in surrender and becoming fully conscious in the now… even in prison I could choose bondage or inner freedom, suffering or inner peace.

Bondage or freedom, that’s conscious choice, now… I’m going to make some chicken soup.
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