Professional Yo-Yo Player, Jeff Coons, to Attend Summer Solstice!

By Planet Toys | Jun 19, 2009

Rockland — Jeff Coons

We at Planet Toys on Main Street in Rockland are extremely excited to bring you yo-yo superstar Jeff Coons! He will be performing outside of Planet Toys during the night of the Summer Solstice this Saturday, June 20th. Come by and pick up a yo-yo, learn a few new tricks, and even get your yo-yo signed! (Not to mention getting your mind blown! He’s that crazy good!)

Jeff Coons is a rising sophomore video post-production major at Emerson College in Boston and is also a professional yo-yo player sponsored by one of the largest manufacturers of yo-yos in the world, Duncan Toys Company. He has been yo-yoing for about 6 years and competes on state, regional, national, and world levels. The highest placing he has ever achieved was 5th Place at the World Yo-Yo Contest. He is currently the 2009 Massachusetts State and North East Regional Champion in 3 out of the 4 divisions, the first person to ever be awarded more than 2 state and/or regional champion titles in a single year.

With stats like that, he'll be sure to impress! Don't miss this chance! Check out a video of him and see for your self. But we’re warning you, it’s some pretty amazing stuff!

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