Powerful waves

By Joe Tassi | Apr 26, 2009

Our connection to everything in the world and the universe is not easy to comprehend. Yet every thought we think, every decision we make, every action we take, creates change in the world in ways we cannot imagine. Thoughts, decisions and actions are powerful waves in motion.

A wave, lapping at a child’s sandy feet on a summer’s day of play, extends a delightful connection to the earth; but a wave driven by heavy winds can cause unimaginable destruction. It is important that we stay connected to the knowledge that our power, our wave, can be a force of positive change, or not; it is all in how we use it.

In our culture, we do not readily honor the power, and creative force of the individual; instead we rely on our tribal connection for our sense of identity, acceptance and security. It is not surprising then that we turn over the responsibility for our happiness, and peace, to governments, religious organizations, advertisers and even celebrities. We have mislaid the knowledge that each of us wields the power to alter not just the course of our lives but also that of the world.

How do we recover our power? We recover our power with a commitment to monitor our thoughts and act with awareness recognizing that thoughts create consequences. In observing our thoughts, we might notice how often they are angry, even destructive.

When we catch ourselves having angry or destructive thoughts, without judging ourselves for having the thought or the thought itself, we can simply replace the thought with one that is more peaceful.

Example: In a conversation with another person, you disagree with something said. You might think, What an idiot. Replace that thought with: I never thought of it that way.

With practice, we can retrain our minds to be less afraid as we encounter challenging situations and ideas. Our perception of events change, we feel less threatened and our thoughts become calm. Short term, with less anger and fear, we feel better about our lives. Long term, connected to collective waves of peaceful thought, the world changes.

That we are inseparable from our living planet, its people, animals, soil, and organisms is all the incentive we could ever need to seek a balanced, equitable and peaceful life. We can do this.
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