Out of bread

By Daniel Dunkle | Dec 30, 2008

I went to the sandwich place last night (I won't say which one), and the gal at the counter informs me before I can order that the place is out of bread.

Out of bread!

I can understand maybe being out of pickles or turkey, but bread? This is a relatively new thing in the world. Years ago, you didn't have this kind of experience, but in the past six months I've been to donut shops that were out of donuts and things of that nature.

It reminds me of Monte Python's Cheese Shop skit.

Have you also noticed that since the videotape has been replaced by the easily damaged DVD that TV shows will actually screw up more on TV while you are watching them? You never used to be watching Miami Vice and suddenly the screen would freeze.

Rant, rave. Etc.

I'm deathly ill, so in no mood for many of life's petty annoyances this week. All weekend I sat shivering in a blanket coughing and aching. It's one of those things where even your hair hurts. My wife feels that my battle with this flu bug has been somewhat less than courageous.

Tiffany here at work has taken to calling me DayQuil Dan this week.

That's the news for now.
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