On being mindful

By Joe Tassi | Jun 07, 2009

Living in the present is the objective of any mindfulness practice that moves us toward peaceful being. Mindfulness simply put means keeping our minds in awareness of the present moment. For example, right now in this moment, I am writing and giving this subject my full attention. Any fears I might have about my life, whether it is past mistakes, unpaid bills, health concerns, or anxiety about the future, cannot affect me because I am in this present moment.

The past or the future does not exist in present moment awareness. That doesn’t mean that we forget our past or don’t make plans for the future, but only that the continuing dialogue with our past, the telling off of old Mr. So and So, I sure showed him, or expecting that a happier life will magically materialize with a promotion at work or a new car, is no longer relevant.

Remaining in the present moment doesn’t mean that you don’t react to the changing moment. The phone rings, the kids need attention, the normal distractions of life occur. Billy falls, skins his knee and requires your attention. Attend fully to that moment and fix Billy’s knee. Be in that moment; there is nothing else.

Mindfulness is the practice of monitoring our continuous inner dialogue. For example, sometimes when driving I witness some boneheaded act by another driver and my first reaction might be anger. I might think or mumble something or use a gesture that demonstrates my anger. Recognizing that I have reacted with an angry thought, I replace the angry thought.

Instead of “Where’d you learn to drive you jerk,” I replace it with “That’s OK. I've made that mistake too.”

Sounds silly perhaps but with practice, our first thoughts become less angry. When I feel on the brink of losing my peace and my inner dialogue is in control, I bring myself back into the present moment by reminding myself that I am here, the time is now. I repeat this thought as often as needed to bring myself back to a peaceful state of thinking: mindfulness.
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Posted by: Jacqueline Weddle | Jun 17, 2009 10:06


Posted by: Jack McGloughlin | Jun 09, 2009 10:46

it is people like you Joe that make a difference. Your chosen journey is one of nobility and deserves praise and recognition.
God speed and good luck

Posted by: Richard McKusic, Sr. | Jun 09, 2009 05:47


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